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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Day to Play at #Gameworks

Trying to find topics to write about is getting difficult.. I have a hard time sharing day to day stuff, mostly because my life tends to be pretty boring.   I wish I could share all the great activities I do each day, but realistically, there aren't many.

One of the things we DO do, outside of our regular physical/aquatic therapy routine which is pretty much daily with L.S., we love taking him to GameWorks.  It's a great place to play and relax, and not have to worry about much.  It tends to get a little loud, but other than that, it's a great atmosphere.

We've joined GamePerks, their rewards program, and it's turned out to be a great thing.  Since we go there regularly, we may as well get benefits from the money we spend.

We went their on Sunday night to play and eat.  Ray ordered a full rack of ribs ($22) I got a half-rack ($16) - I know... I should have just spend the 22 and got a full one... lol- and L.S. ordered his usual pizza.  The great thing about his, is that it's a "Play with your food" deal, so we spend $14.99 and get his pizza and a 1 hour game card.  Since the hour is roughly 10 anyway, it's a great option.  L.S get's to play his favorite games - racing, flying and air hockey, and we get a great time.  Plus, I earned enough points to hit a reward milestone. (not sure what it is yet, because the site has been down)
However, they did send me some really great coupons.  First they sent a 60minute FREE gamecard coupon (super!) and then, the NEXT DAY, they sent another FREE 30 minutes of gameplay!  This is really cool, because I can get them both, and the next time we go, L.S. can use the hour, and I can have the 30 min, and we can play together.  (the downside to the 'time' cards, is that you have to wait 90 seconds between swipes.  So if you're trying to play a racing game, where 2 people race side-by-side, you'd have to wait the min & half before the second person can start.  Since the racing games start automatically, there isn't much option to play together, unless you have a second card.   There are other games, like a Pirates of the Caribbean game, where you can wait to hit the start button, so you have the ability to have 2 play on the same card at the same time.  Plus, when we play those games, we simply keep swiping every 2 minutes, to build up credits to continue play.  :)-

(please note, this is NOT a sponsored post or review... we JUST went there and had fun, and wanted to share it with you!!!)

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