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I've decided to start posting mine and my son's DIY projects.  We do a craft night once a week, and some of the things we do are so cool, I have to share them with you!!!

Every so often, I'll find a DIY project that is so awesome I have to share it, but I haven't done it myself.. I'll still share it with you!!!

DSC 6324 large - nadia

Here's a very cool DIY necklace/earring wall holder.

P7174710 DIY: Garden Tic Tac Toe in decoration 2  with garden game DIY    DIY Garden Tic Tac Toe

Here are a few (at other blogs) that are SOOOOOO cool!!!  But since they require more than I can give to a project, I won't be doing them... let me know if you do them!!!

diy planter 2 600x763 DIY: Concrete Planters in planter 2  with planter DIY Concrete  DIY concrete planters.  Yes, I said it... she made them herself.  Check it out!

Here's another really cool idea... found this picture on Northwest Edible Life's facebook page:
Photo: A Better Version of the Food Pyramid.I love this!!!!!!

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