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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

In the market for a new fitness watch?

I recently decided it was time to buy a new tracking watch.  You've seen plenty...they go by many names.  Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin Vivofit... but those are expensive, and don't really do MUCH in comparison to what ELSE is on the market!!

So I went onto my FAVORITE site, Amazon, and bought a couple tracking watches, to see what they REALLY offer, and if they're different from the expensive name brands.

You can see my FULL reviews on my Amazon profile...

Stay tuned for more...

Friday, November 10, 2017

Watch Ya' Mouth

Notice: I have received nothing in exchange for this post.  Please see the bottom for more information.

It's a game... Really!!

It's something that many of us say, on the regular.  ESPECIALLY if we have children!!  I remember the first time I heard my (then) 18yr old cuss.  I was taken aback, and as I opened my mouth to speak, I realized, that he's an adult!!  EEK!!!

So when I heard just the title, "Watch Ya' Mouth"  I was, of course, intrigued.  I became very interested, and was excited to be chosen to review it.

First, what IS Watch Ya' Mouth?   According to the makers, Watch Ya' Mouth (Throwdown Edition) is the evolution of the original, wildly popular, hilarious Watch Ya' Mouth Game.  In this edition, you go head-to-head with hilarious and challenging tasks- all while wearing MOUTHPIECES!!  Yes, mouthpieces. 

This game has ALREADY been awarded Top Holiday Toy of 2017 by Toy Insider, and selected for the 2017 Amazon Holiday Toy List.  What that tells me, is that it MUST make MY shopping list!!!

I'm super excited for a new family game.  As most of you know, we've been doing a family game night since our youngest was about 8 or so.  Anything from a board game, to cards, to magic tricks, something that get's our family together, laughing and having fun, that's us.

I can't wait to check out Watch Ya' Mouth Throwdown Edition.

If you're interested, Sandling All Day Blog has been given the awesome opportunity to provide you a 15% off coupon for it, NOW!! 
Check it out HERE.
Be sure to use the code 15THROWDOWN  to get your discount!!!

I will be receiving this game FREE from USFG and Watch Ya' Mouth in exchange for my review.  No other compensation discussed or provided.  All my opinions ARE MY OWN.  I am not paid or compensated to provide a positive review.  My opinions are 100% MY OWN.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Ozeri Touch II digital kitchen scale

How many times have you gone to complete a recipe, only for it to give a measurement in WEIGHT, not volume?

Like instead of 2 cups, it wants you to measure out 15.75 oz.

If you're like me, you've probably gone to google, begged the search engine for help... how many pinches do I remove? 8? 9?

Or is it a teaspoon...

So I was given the opportunity to review a product that would save me MASSIVE amounts of time on Google (plus my sanity ( and even my bandwidth!

So, let me introduce you to:

Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs. Digital Kitchen Scale, with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection.

Industry exclusive scale features Microban antimicrobial product protection that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
Boasts 2 touch sensitive buttons, 4 high precision GFX sensors, a large Blue LCD screen, and a capacity range of 0.05 oz to 18 lbs or 1 g to 8000 g.
Award-winning thin design is infused with Microban antimicrobial technology to provide an added level of protection that won't ever wear away.
Precision Tare button subtracts the container weight for the net ingredient weight; easy Unit button instantly converts between lb/oz, g, fl.oz., ml.

Click Here for More Information - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BZE3WW8

Friday, July 21, 2017


You heard me right... Groupon, who you already know as a major source of local and national deals, now does coupons!!

I love Groupon, and check them anytime I'm planning a local purchase, because they usually offer something grand that allows me to save money.  I'll never forget the day that I spent $50 at a local kids place, only to find that I could've gotten that EXACT same package for $18.99 had I simply bought it through Groupon.

So now, I use them for EVERYTHING.

Well most of you know that around my part of town, I'm known by many as the "Queen of Coupons"  (another story for another day.)

So when I heard that Groupon is now doing coupons, I had to jump, and quickly!!
Here's how it works:

You visit Groupon, and go to their coupon area.  choose a merchant...and shop!!  You can search by store, or by item type/category...

Now on to some AWESOME deals I've found!!!


The first thing that I noticed was Microsoft Store.  My son is a HUGE Xboxer (is that even a word?) and has spent massive amounts of money there.  So when I saw that I could save money, I got excited.

Today there are 46 total coupons available, with things like up to 50% off Microsoft deals, and even one where you can get 4 YEARS of Microsoft Office for $79.99.  Seriously!!
I naturally gravitated to the ones that allow me to save money on Xbox, and boy, there's some great ones.  First, you can use their Microsoft Rewards program to earn enough points for a FULL YEAR of Xbox Live...  that in itself is amazing!!
The coupon that REALLY got my attention was the 60% off Xbox stuff!  That includes full systems, games and even Lego Dimensions packs! 
walmart.com with Walmart Coupons & Coupon Codes
Visiting the Walmart Groupon coupon page, you can 'clip' coupons for items you purchase  EVERYDAY, and print them to save massive amounts of money!
Just at a glance, there are $11 in coupons ON THE FIRST PAGE that I would easily use in any shopping trip!
"That's great." You say...but You're an online shopper...and you can't use printable coupons online.  Well don't worry...Groupon has your back!  You can simply chose the "online" box, and get access to tons of Walmart savings for the online buyer!
Here are a couple more coupons that you may love as much as I do!!!

Toys R Us:
Free Thermos with any $50 purchase

Ebay: 409 coupons today... including
$10 coupon when you list an item!

Payless Shoes: 32 coupons available today!
40% off any single item with coupon code!!

Walgreens: 69 coupons available
save up to $300 with in store/online coupons!

In answer to your next question, NO, I do NOT get money if you shop with Groupon.  I don't get any commission, percentages, perks or promos.  I don't make a penny if you shop for EVERYTHING under the sun.  (but I'd recommend it!  School supplies are available now, and Walmart, Walgreens and Staples! -check out their sales!!)

I DID make a little money for posting their wonderful deals, but that's it.  I'm not a spokesperson (although, would LOVE it...GROUPON hit me up!!!) but rather, I just really love their deals, and am honored to be able to post them to you.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's SUMMER. Time to dust off the grill!

That's right!  Summer time for most means no kids in school,  weekends with the constant smell of charcoal and lighting fluids, cooking and smoking meats!

If you're even a SLIGHTLY seasoned griller, I'm sure you have all the "tools of the trade". Your trusty grill tools that you use year in and year out.

Your spatula and tongs, basting brush and grill brush anhave likely been put away for months, and are just waiting for you!

If your like me, (clumsy) you know that using tongs or a spatula is CRAZY...you drop the steak or WORSE...drop the tongs!!

So there is something new, made JUST for people like me...
Pigtail Flippers!

The only downside to it, is that it pokes small holes in the meat, which I'm not particularly fond of, but it does make flipping my meat EASY as pie!!!
mmmm.... pie with my bbq!!!

So the next time that you're looking to barbeque, look no further.  Order yourself a set of pigtail flippers today, so you can barbeque tomorrow!!

Love the idea, but want to purchase on Amazon? No problem!! Cave Tools has thought of that too!!!

One more thing... you didn't think I'd end the post without offering you a discount, did you???
Use PIGTAIL15 to get a 15% discount today!!

AND... order today, and get this added bonus

As a FREE download!!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

When therapy isn't enough: dealing with an angry child

Background... my child was diagnosed with anxiety and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) at the tender age of 5 1/2.  Beginning at the age of three, he'd hit, kick, bite & headbutt us until he got his way.

Fastforward. He's 11, and 260lbs.  He hits like a grown ass man.  Trust me... I know.
He's been in therapy for YEARS, with no real progress... he hasn't been to school in over a month,  and hasn't ACTUALLY spent more than 40 hours TOTAL inside his school this year.
Every day is a BATTLE for control.

-He doesn't get his way, he fights.
-He has a bad day outside, he fights.
-His transformer won't transformer, he fights.

Today started out like every other day.  He wakes me up,  DEMANDING to take him out because it's the last day of the pokemon go event,  and he HAS to hatch a rare one out of a 2k egg because they'll NEVER do it again.   So we oblige.
From 9:30 until after 1pm, we drive around downtown and let him spin pokestops.

We get home,  and I sit down from 3:30 until 9pm playing minecraft with him, just to keep him happy.

9, he decides he wants to dance... but he can't find his socks.
So he knees his dad in the crotch and, them while he's down,  he kicks him in his knee. (If you DON'T know,  my husband needs both knees replaced.)
I try to help, and he starts throwing my pillows on the ground, and as I bend down to pick it up, he kicks me in the face.  I get up,  pissed, of course, and continue what I'm doing, because with all these years,  I KNOW response makes it worse.  I have my back to him, and he rolls up a magazine,  and slaps me HARD across my face.
It's ALL I can do not to come at him,  because remember,  He's only 11... and the state doesn't care that he weighs more than I do, is stronger than than me and literally hurts me EVERY day... He's 11... that's what matters.   So I refrain.

I know what you're thinking... I've never called the police on him, because he has SERIOUS anxiety issues. If he were arrested, taken to inpatient or even called on, not only would the next time be worse,  but he'd go through abandonment and fear issues... he'd never trust us again.

So I attempt to ignore his behavior, and sit down.  He holds a package of paper plates in each hand, swinging them at my face.  I tell him that's threatening. He sneers at me and said "How am I threatening you?"  I explained that I fear he'll let one go and hit me...so I feel threatened.   He lets one go...right at my face.
I can't hold it anymore.   I jumped up, and he TAKES OFF down the hallway, laughing.  I give chase. I pick up his xbox remote, and it's all I can do not to hit him back...I slam it down,  hearing the batteries fall.  He looks up and rushes me, swinging wildly at my head.  He connects,  but it slides off.  My husband is in between us, as my son swings & misses, over & over again.   I tell my husband that I've had enough.
Im now rushing to get dressed, locate my keys & phone... grab my purse.
I hear my son coming.  I make a dash for the  door...usually if I can get it open,  it deters him.   He's yelling & crying that I broke his remote (the battery cover is broken,  but can be replaced)  I'm outside the door...he lunges at me, hands gripped TIGHT around my throat.  I back up & escape his hold...I'm used to this,  unfortunately.

I'm now safe, in my car.  I fear for my husband,  whose blood pressure was so high last month that it caused a hemorrhage in his eye... he calls me & tells me we need a new tv.  Apparently our son punched it...

I know he needs help.  He's got a therapist & psychologist...we're in a wraparound program...even have a "safety plan" in place...

Please,  I do NOT want to hear your opinion that I should call the police or something.   I'm well aware of his issues... but I know my son best,  and what would make him worse.

If you post a negative comment, it WILL be removed.

Im tired... I have no idea how long I'll have to sit in my vehicle.  I hope he falls asleep soon!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


You heard me correctly!!  My son recently got into the whole Minecraft Phenom that's enraptured people of ALL ages.  My son initially started playing it on his Xbox 360, and we had an AMAZING survival game going, but once he got the Xbox One game, it was ALL OVER!  We were both hooked.  Honestly, we'd play for 10 hours STRAIGHT!  It was a GREAT way for us to spend quality time together, where his issues didn't cause any problems.  It helped his confidence, and in turn, his anxiety.

So when I heard that there's an opportunity for kids to PLAY MINECRAFT ON A MOVIE THEATER SCREEN... I HAD to find out about it!  (yes, I am super jealous that I can't play too!!!)

So basically it's like a tournament, where kids up to age 17 can play against other kids to move on to the Playoffs!  What an amazing thing!  Right now, they've got them NATIONWIDE, so there's plenty of places that kids can compete!!

Here's the info:
Play Minecraft in a Movie Theatre! Join Super League's City Champs
If your gamer loves Minecraft, then wait until you tell them that they can PLAY MINECRAFT ON THE BIG SCREEN! Super League Gaming, the world's first in-theater recreational video game league, will let your kids take their love of gaming beyond your living room walls and onto the silver screen. This is the little league experience for gamers! It's fun, social and kids get to be part of a local organization celebrating their passion and their skills.

Starting March 11 and running for four consecutive Saturdays, kids can play Minecraft in Super League's City Champs, an event taking place in a dozen cities across the country. Your child's creativity, critical thinking and teamwork will be put to the test at each event. During City Champs Qualifiers, players will vie to earn a spot in the Playoffs. Players can participate in as many Qualifier events as they wish - the top two scores will count toward ranking and determine who advances to the Playoffs, starting later this spring.

Players are forced to think, make choices, and use logic to complete goals within the game. Super League encourages teamwork and playing Minecraft helps develop skills like reading, organization, planning, and problem solving.

Super League City Champs offers gamers 17 and younger 90 minutes of big screen gaming for four consecutive Saturdays beginning March 11th through April 1st. Each event starts at 10:30 am.

For tickets visit: SUPERLEAGUE.COM 

I am SO excited to be able to participate in this with my son.  I do have some concerns about how it will work with his disabilities, but I'm sure that there will be a way to work through/around them.  I'll surely keep you posted!!!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Lasting Memories using CanvasOnSale.com

The following review is sponsored by US Family Guide and Canvas On Sale.  My opinions are MY OWN.  I received one or more items to review, in exchange for my HONEST opinion.  I think you'll find that my review is HONEST, if nothing else!!  

I had the opportunity to receive and review products from CanvasOnSale.com.

I was particularly excited about this review, because my father in law recently passed away, and I wanted to provide my husband with a canvas print of his father to hang on the wall, of his absolute FAVORITE photo.

All went well with the ordering process, and I was very excited.  I ordered the LARGEST print that I could find, using an 8x10 original photo.

I waited and waited, and when it FINALLY arrived, I was brokenhearted.  The frame was broken.  The company promises  So I expected  "Our packaging has been designed to ensure your canvas will arrive to you in perfect condition with as little waste as possible."
 So I expected that my canvas would arrive in perfect condition, as promised.  I was saddened, when I realized that the frame arrived broken.

Their "carefully secured" wrapping was a thin cardboard box.  There was no extra padding or anything protecting the frame.  They rely on the shipping company to keep it in good condition, with no "fragile" sign or anything.  Since the frame was broken, the canvas was folded and misshapen.  This was shipped in time for Christmas for my husband... his Christmas present was ruined.

The process for getting it replaced was daunting and VERY time consuming.  It took a number of emails back and forth, followed by having to slice through my father in laws face in the photo (in and of itself was VERY difficult...it was already broken- but that wasn't enough!)

I explained that I wanted to replace the photo, but I was also unhappy with the quality of the print (no one messaged and said, sorry, that photo isn't going to work, it's VERY blurry)
As you can see, this portion of the print you can barely see ANYTHING... that's his Army uniform.

They said that they could replace the canvas, what did I want to do.  I had to email them AGAIN and explain AGAIN, that I wanted to REPLACE the canvas!  After 4 emails with me telling them that I wanted to replace it, they explained how to complete the order, and I did.   The replacement items came in 2 separate orders, but I was thrilled with them.

I ended up getting 2 smaller canvas prints of my father in law and brother in law, both who've passed, a mug with my hubby and 2 throw pillow covers with my kids' photos on them.  They were all beautiful and I'm happy.

All in all, I would've expected a bit more from them, especially having my Christmas present ruined...  I suppose my expectations were just higher than the company's customer satisfaction intent.
Normally, when a customer is THIS unhappy with their product, the company would go above and beyond, to ensure that they have a repeat customer...Not here.

So I'll sum it up like this.  The prices are usual, the product is the same that you can get anywhere.  Their shipping/packaging is subpar.  However, they DO offer an amazing deal for first timers, where you basically get a canvas free (pay shipping) and apparently you can then offer the SAME deal to a couple of your friends.  So all in all, for the cost of a latte and a pack of Skittles... you get a lasting memory to hang on your wall.

Custom cushion with a photography of a woman holding flower in her hand

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Coobie Seamless Bra

One of my BIGGEST complaints with my bra is that the seam connecting the front to the strap ALWAYS causes me to itch.  It scratches and bugs me ALL THE TIME.  Then of course there is the underwire that always finds its way through to poke me at the WORST time!  I am so looking forward to trying this bra!!

Coobie Seamless Bras are ultra comfortable and supportive. Perfect for everyday wear our versatile one-size fits 32A - 36D, available in 7+ styles and 70+ colors/patterns, with adjustable straps and removable pads! 

Try one, you'll love it! 

PROMOTION: Save 25% on any order of Coobie Seamless Bras at www.shopcoobie.com Use code: USFG