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Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Virtual Makeover with @Glamstapp

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post/review. I received early access to this website in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

Glam ST is a website that allows you to upload a photo of yourself (or use one of their models based on your hair, eye & skin color & types) and put on all types & kinds of makeup to see what you'd look like.

I think it's an amazing site.  I know that there are plenty of sites that you can put makeup/hair cuts/clothes on to see what it looks like, but most are either REALLY hard to use, or cost more than a normal person can afford.  For a special needs parent on a disability income, I don't have the ability to buy lots of makeup to try on.  GlamSt fixes that for you.  The process of starting was quick and easy.  Really quick.  I uploaded a photo of myself, using their special 'dots' to align my eyes and mouth to make sure that they put the makeup in the right spot. (You can also adjust as you go) and then, you're off.

Let me tell you something I don't normally share.  I don't know how to apply makeup.  I don't know what would look good on my face.  I've just never done it.  I've worn lipstick when I was about 15, and I dabbled in mascara, but eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner etc... I would look like a circus clown.
So when I had the opportunity to apply for this campaign, I jumped on the chance.  My husband is always telling me how "gorgeous" I am, without makeup, that I don't need it because I'm so beautiful, but I've always wondered what I'd look like with makeup on.  I've wanted to go to one of those stores that does makeovers for you, but I don't have the money... it's never in the budget.  I'm a mom and wife first, and I take care of my family.

Here is the before and after of my first look.

So as you can see, the difference is amazing!  It's fresh, clean and makes me look more youthful.  I love this site!!  I can tell you, I will be back.  It's given me so much confidence!  I wish I had someone to help teach me how to apply makeup, because I'd LOVE to do the above look!!!

What's more, when I showed my husband, his exact words were Dammmmm Baby!  You look GOOD with makeup on!

Want to check it out for yourself?  Go for it!  The link is above.  Then come back and share your before & after photos (you can copy the link to your photos)

Be sure to check them out on facebook too!!!  GlamST on Facebook

Special Needs Blog of the Week

I've decided to try something new.  In an effort to share stories and lives, I've decided to start a Blog of the Week.  And not just any blog of the week... a Special Needs blog of the week.  This will be to showcase blogs that are about, discuss or surround the lives of a family with a special needs child.  They don't have to be SOLELY about the dealings with that child, they can be life blogs with stories, or reviews (like my blog) or whatever, but they do have to involve a SN child.  Why?  Because we have so many blogs that share each other, but we in the SN community need to support each other, and I want to introduce you all to other blogs that encourage me.
Have you ever read about a SN child that REALLY made you feel grateful?  One who's story endeared you, or just made you look at your own child a little differently?

So...  while I'm asking, does anyone have one in mind?   I'm going to need to build a list!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Two (yes, two!) ingredient #playdoh

You heard it right... 2 simple ingredients to make safe, fun playdoh for your children.  It doesn't get much easier than that.

So a fellow blogger, Tammy, at Praying for Parker has a great post on it, so I'll just share the nitty gritty.

It's basically cornstarch and lotion.  Tammy used a scented lotion, which she said she would change to unscented next time, and add a little essential oil, because the amount of lotion you have to use made for OVER scented playing dough.

She has great information on it.  Check it out here!

And while your at it, I highly suggest you read about Parker.  For me, it made me grateful for my own child's special needs.  I guess meeting someone who has "harder" problems than your own can make you see things in a new perspective.  I'd take 17 surgeries "harder"...but Tammy takes it in stride... her posts are upbeat and not 'complaintative' like some SN parent bloggers.

WTG Tammy and Parker!  (oh, and her other...was it 6, or 6 total...children)  Because it REALLY takes a village to raise a SN child.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Day to Play at #Gameworks

Trying to find topics to write about is getting difficult.. I have a hard time sharing day to day stuff, mostly because my life tends to be pretty boring.   I wish I could share all the great activities I do each day, but realistically, there aren't many.

One of the things we DO do, outside of our regular physical/aquatic therapy routine which is pretty much daily with L.S., we love taking him to GameWorks.  It's a great place to play and relax, and not have to worry about much.  It tends to get a little loud, but other than that, it's a great atmosphere.

We've joined GamePerks, their rewards program, and it's turned out to be a great thing.  Since we go there regularly, we may as well get benefits from the money we spend.

We went their on Sunday night to play and eat.  Ray ordered a full rack of ribs ($22) I got a half-rack ($16) - I know... I should have just spend the 22 and got a full one... lol- and L.S. ordered his usual pizza.  The great thing about his, is that it's a "Play with your food" deal, so we spend $14.99 and get his pizza and a 1 hour game card.  Since the hour is roughly 10 anyway, it's a great option.  L.S get's to play his favorite games - racing, flying and air hockey, and we get a great time.  Plus, I earned enough points to hit a reward milestone. (not sure what it is yet, because the site has been down)
However, they did send me some really great coupons.  First they sent a 60minute FREE gamecard coupon (super!) and then, the NEXT DAY, they sent another FREE 30 minutes of gameplay!  This is really cool, because I can get them both, and the next time we go, L.S. can use the hour, and I can have the 30 min, and we can play together.  (the downside to the 'time' cards, is that you have to wait 90 seconds between swipes.  So if you're trying to play a racing game, where 2 people race side-by-side, you'd have to wait the min & half before the second person can start.  Since the racing games start automatically, there isn't much option to play together, unless you have a second card.   There are other games, like a Pirates of the Caribbean game, where you can wait to hit the start button, so you have the ability to have 2 play on the same card at the same time.  Plus, when we play those games, we simply keep swiping every 2 minutes, to build up credits to continue play.  :)-

(please note, this is NOT a sponsored post or review... we JUST went there and had fun, and wanted to share it with you!!!)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Stress Comes in All Forms and Ages

I was at the grocery store today with the husband, shopping just before we picked LS up from school, when we got a call from the school.  We usually get pretty freaked out when we get a call, because it's usually he's feeling sick or hurt...  This time it was the principal.  This is really unusual, because she rarely make phone calls.  She said that our son wasn't sick or hurt, and he wasn't in trouble, but she needed to speak to us after school.  
Uh oh......

So we paid for our groceries and went to the school, prepared for the worst.  On the drive, my husband was going through his "if someone hit my son again" and "I'm tired of my son getting picked on at school...something has to give."  I stopped him, and explained that it may not be ANYTHING like that, that we shouldn't jump to conclusions, just keep an open mind.  Now let me explain, that the other day a child slipped in the mud and my son laughed, and the kid punched my son in the stomach.  HARD.
So my husband has a reason to be concerned...  Especially since this is his first (bio) son, and he's really over protective of him.
So we get to the school, park and go into the office.  It's pretty busy, as usual, but the principal (we'll call her O for typing's sake) greeted us and we walked into her office.  Our son was sitting in a chair with his back to us.  I immediately scanned him, looking for evidence of tears, blood, bruises or any tell-tale sign of what's going on.

Ok... O then tells us that our son said something, that was over heard (and confirmed) by several other children that was distressing to them, and they had to deal with it.  He said "I want to kill myself"  Our 8yr old son...  My first thought was that he was trying to get attention.  He does this.  
She then goes on to explain how he then said that sometimes he blurts things he's thinking out, and stuff like that. 
O further explains that he says he's got a stress level of a 9 or 9.5 fairly often.  We know this.

My husband goes to explain that our son has pretty much gotten away with murder, and he is spoiled rotten. He has never really had any real consequences, and this is a by-product of that.  That over the last month or so, my husband has really cracked down on the naughty behaviors, and because of that, our son has been showing that.  O said, "LS gave us a date of Feb 1st that he's started really feeling stressed"  Yup.  That's about the time that he started getting REAL consequences for the behaviors.  It used to be that he'd "loose" a toy he was supposed to get, but that eventually, husband would give in and buy it anyway.  Within a week, DH would buy him a half-dozen toys.  I think DH feels a bit guilty because he can't do everything for him that he WANTS to, because physically we're not in any condition to do things like a "normal" father.

I digress... so this was my day... Now I'M tired and stressed....  and I can't even go to my "go-to" which is chocolate or ice cream, because I've gained a few pounds over the last month myself from stress eating...  


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Strangulation as a Form of Punishment...

First, let me say I AM JUST KIDDING.  More really, venting.  I do not, nor would I EVER harm my child.
That said...
My child drives me UP A FREAKING WALL!!!  He's 8 and he really acts like a spoiled teen!  He somehow feels entitled to EVERYTHING and I am really going crazy.  Sometimes I just wanna knock some sense into him! This morning he did EVERYTHING he could to annoy and antagonize me... I know he does it because it drives me mad... I wish I could just ignore it all, but it's so difficult.
You'd think it was like a video game, where he gets points for angering me!
I wonder if I was like this as a kid...  I know that my mom and I are REALLY alike and that's why I drove her crazy so much...  could that be true here? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

I'm going back to sleep now, and when I wake up, it'll all be over (Yah, just keep saying that... one day you'll believe it!)
ok, so it won't be over, but at least he'll be in school for a few hours of blessed peace!!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

IEP and Aging Out

So we got the news recently that our 8yr old son will be "aging out" of his IEP.  He was originally given it because he needed progress within the "adaptive" section.  Since he will be turning 9, the adaptive section doesn't apply any longer, so we need another diagnosis in order to keep him on his IEP.  I've actually run into several parents recently that are having the same issue with their child, who mostly suffers behavioral and emotional issues.  So now, I have to go to his doctor and get his diagnosis in writing in an effort to keep him on his IEP, which yes, is totally necessary for him to get a FREE AND APPROPRIATE EDUCATION.  Remember those words...they're totally important for ANY parent, but ESPECIALLY parents of SN children.
Our IEP meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, so we can discuss any changes that need to be made, and I need to get the school Psychiatrist's help to get his testing done so he can stay on it.

Anyone else have/having this issue?  Or gone through it?  I'd love to get some feedback and suggestions.

Oh, I've also recently found out that LS is having a hearing problem.  He was tested at school, and he is not hearing some of the tones.  We're taking him to an audiologist to get further testing.  I'm pretty sure it's not earwax because we keep him clean enough to eat off of... hope it's nothing serious, although, it would explain a lot!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Daddy & Co's new pajama pants

Disclosure:  I received the following product in exchange for my honest review.

First, for those of you that don't know, Daddy Scrubs is now Daddy & Co.

 They carry a large (and ever-expanding) line of 'daddy' stuff.  Anything and everything you could want for the new (or used!) daddy in your life, to celebrate a new birth, birthday, father's day or a just because day.

Today, I'm sharing with you the Daddy & Co.'s Love Daddy Pajama Pants.

These are SO comfortable!  They have a drawstring & elastic waist for comfort, and are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.  They come in sizes from Med through 2xl.  I decided that since my husband got the "I'm The Daddy" hoodie last, I wanted these for me.  (really because they sleep with the window open, and I sleep in jammies anyway, so these would be perfect for me- rationalization all the way!)
Love Daddy Pajama Pants

They are super soft and smooth.  I am a texture person, I have difficulties with certain textures and feelings.  Some textures just give me the willies.  (you know... like fingernails/chalkboard) They were a little long for me, but that was easily taken care of with a needle and thread!  :)-  The  repeats over and over all over the entire pants.

They have 3 different designs for your lounging pleasure:

Daddy & Co also carry everything from apparel (t-shirts -adult and kids) , daddy & toddler SETS!!, hoodies and even loungewear.
As well as gift sets, accessories, home and office, books and they even have a  special collections
And MUCH more!!

Check them out.. they're offering the great readers of my blog a 10% discount by using this special code!
So check them out!!!

Here is one thing I wanted to share really quickly that I LOVE.  I gave this to my husband for Father's day last year, and he cherishes it.

Elegant Daddy Tie
Here are a few products that I'd love to have in my "daddy arsenal"!
The Daddy Diaper Pack Camo Edition
this even has a small pocket for the "dirty stuff"!
Daddys Rescue Service Tee

Chef Daddy Apron

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Purex Crystals- the Ultimate in Laundry Freshness!

Disclosure:  I received the following product in exchange for my HONEST review.

I don't know about you, but I find myself using more laundry detergent than "necessary" (according to the dispensing guidelines on the bottles) simply to get my laundry smelling OH SO FRESH.  It happens...  I want my laundry smelling like my mom's.  I don't know why, but her laundry ALWAYS smells awesome.  My kids ask me to wash clothes at mom's, so it "smells like Grandma"  Of course, I could just use the detergent she does, but she has some high-powered (read: expensive) washer and a septic system, which means that she basically uses VERY expensive detergent.  More expensive than I can afford.  So we go with what we can find on clearance, sale, etc.
Sometimes, this means that I ended up using either a fabric "smell-good" spray, or more often, a little cologne (for the boys) and perfume right out of the dryer helps.

That was, until I got wind of the newest in laundry care.  The Fragrance Crystals.  Purex's new Fresh Mountain Breeze Fragrance Crystals.  You simply pour some in with the wash (straight into the load, not in the detergent drawer) and voila! Your laundry has a freshness that even mom want's to smell again!

Purex Crystals are 87% natural crystals that go in at the start of the wash, so they spend more time with your laundry infusing them with long-lasting freshness.

There are several scents available, and what's the best (I think) is that they even have a Purex Crystals for Baby!  They are hypoallergenic, dye free, and safe for use on all clothes, including children’s sleepwear.  And make baby's clothes super fresh!!!

I've been given 2 coupons for FULL SIZE 28oz bottles (any scent!) to give away to 2 lucky readers.  Simply comment below with your FAVORITE Purex product for a chance to win!  Giveaway ends 2/14/14.  Open to US only, 18/over.  

Newest Bank #Scam ALERT

That's right... the scammers are at it again, and they're getting more clever.  Today, I got a call on my cellphone.   It was an automated voice that said "You're debit card from Boeing Employees Credit Union has been locked.  Please press one to be connected with the Security Department to unlock it."

Let me say this.  I don't have a bank account with BECU.  I haven't for about 8 years.

So I pressed 1, figuring that I would just tell them that this number must have been mis-associated with someone else's account.
The automated voice then said, "Please press 1 to have your card unlocked, or 2 to discontinue"

If you press 1, the automated voice asks you to enter your debit card number to confirm.  Then it asks you to enter your pin number to verify your account for security reasons.

Unfortunately, too many people are falling for this scam... often, they don't even notice that the bank the automated voice used, they don't even have an account at.
The scammers are using local banks for local numbers, so you're not likely to get a BECU call if you live in Wyoming (assuming here, that there isn't one there... lol)
However, they are also using national banks, like Wells Fargo to complete their scam.

This has been reported to the BBB on MANY occasions, however, it's very hard to track the calls, since they're not really from the bank, and what's more, they come from unknown, or private numbers.  Yes, it involves the FCC, and is REALLY hard to track... the best thing you can do is spread the word, and become informed... and don't fall for it!

My mom actually got a call recently, and hung up, and went down to her bank.  #SMART  Obviously the bank explained that it wasn't them, and she realized it was a scam, but not many people are getting that message...  especially older adults, or those that are more trusting... will give out their bank information because they don't want their account to be locked.

Spread the word and keep your money safe!