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Home and Garden...
Design, Decor and Improvement = Home

Interested in sprucing up your home?  In need of some ideas, products or services that would turn it from the building you live in, into your HOME??
A few sites you need to check out:

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite go-to places is an AMAZING site, 
They provide interior design help for EVERYONE...even people like me, who have NO idea what they're looking for!!  Plus, one thng I really love, is how philanthropic they are!!  They regularly donates products & services to charity auctions! 
Plus, you can find them being RAVED about all over town, including several magazines: Sunset, InStyle, and Crave!

Here's a great slideshow from ideas.thenest.com on how to Feng Shui your home!

Need more great ideas?  Here's some of my favorite interior design & home decor sites!!

Nora Schneider Interior Design

A Change of Space- Angie Gillis Design studio

Well here it is!!  First, some of my favorite pictures...  This is what I see when I look out the window...

The backyard:

These 3 are all beautiful flowers in the back yard.

relaxing swing, bench and firepit

A better view than many in my neighborhood! 
Handcrafted Totem

Still want more?
I understand!!!  So here are some pictures of some great trends right now:
color chic 
in all natures glory
classic beauty
open design with comfort



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