Sandling All Day: Parenting a Special Needs Child

Parenting a Special Needs Child

As a mom of a special needs child, I'm finding it hard to find information that DIRECTLY affects us, our needs, our issues.  This page is devoted to helping families access resources, information and assistance.

My son is 7, and has multiple issues, including social, emotional and behavioral.  He also has sensory issues.  All of these directly impact and influence his day to day life, especially at school.   He is on an IEP, and we work very closely with the para-professionals at his school to give him the best foot forward we can.

I encourage you to look into your child's teachers qualifications!!  You have the right (it's in most school districts 'rules') to request information about your child's teachers and the professionals that work with them (special ed teachers etc) specifically, about their qualifications.  This includes their degrees.  Making sure that those teaching your children have the degree's necessary is vital!

Are your children getting the proper education?  Whenever speaking with anyone from your district, remember these KEY words:
This is what the law REQURIES they be given...  an APPROPRIATE education for one child is NOT the same as it is for another.
For example, my son requires much more intervention than another's would.  This is part of the appropriate education he needs, thus, they are required by law to give it to him.
Make sure that your child is not getting lost in the cracks!!!

Special Needs Blog Roll 
Lately I've been looking for and reading blogs that are written by parents of special needs children.  Somehow, reading them makes my life feel more normal, more, understandable.  It also allows me to understand and remember that I AM NOT ALONE...that there are thousands upon thousands of parents who are dealing with similar issues, worse issues, better issues...  I am grateful to these bloggers for sharing their stories.  Here are a few I've ran into.  If you have a blog of your own that is dedicated to/about/or shares stories of your special needs children and you want me to share it, drop me a line via my contact me page.  I am happy to share your story.

Lost and Tired -Raising 3 boys on the #Autism Spectrum (-this is a father's blog, and it's amazing reading!!!)
The New Normal
Living With Autism: A Parent's Perspective

Are you in need of an app for your special needs child?  There is a laundry list of them here many are free (at last check).

Here are some websites that you may find useful:
Autism Resources @ HollyRod.org
Children's Disability Information
Children With Disabilities - Child Welfare Information Gateway
National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities —
The National Association of School Psychologists

Please read this article!!
Why do symbols matter? Exploring the international symbol of access and it's influence on perceptions of people with disabilities.

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  1. my eldest son who is now 22 has many special needs, and it's no fun trying to find the right help for them, that's for sure

  2. Fantastic info. I worked as a para in Fl. One of the most rewarding jobs I've ever had. It was an honor to care for those children everyday. I still keep in touch with one family. :) Makes me heart very happy.

  3. My husband and I have adopted three children with special needs. Although my blog is not dedicated to just special needs, just about every aspect of my blogging is impacted by special needs. One child is autistic; one has borderline personality disorder and one is young with no formal diagnosis but we all believe the diagnosis will end up being Aspergers. Athena http://www.thestuffofsuccess.com

  4. Hello! Thank you for visiting my page & the great comment. You have such a good point, how hard is it for THEM. That is what it is all about. I LOVE that you have a whole page dedicated to special needs. I will be checking out the blogs you've mentioned. I am new to blogging and can not believe I didn't know about this whole new world of support & understanding on the blogosphere!It is so empowering for parents!!
    I'm following :)

  5. I have also seen books written by parents of special needs children, sometimes including the ordeal of getting to a proper diagnosis when it is a rare condition. I have seen where parents move to another state to find a school system they feel confident will be able to meet the need of their child.


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