Sandling All Day: PR Friendly!

PR Friendly!

4/14 update: Because of SWEEPING new changes with the FTC and .com's, I am now REQUIRED to post a disclosure PRIOR to any company links within a sponsored or review post.  This is NOT by choice, and honestly, I don't like it...  but I am complying.  I will have a simple disclosure at the top of my post in picture form, with a second disclosure at the bottom.  A third, FULL disclosure will still be on my FTC disclosure tab.
Thank you for understanding!!

Thank you for your interest!  Sandling All Day is honored that you're thinking of working with us.  We offer the following:

Sidebar Ads
(please see Sponsor page)

Sponsored Posts/Links
Sponsored Tweets
Please contact me for details, or use the contact me page.

Products/Services Reviews
We are happy to provide a product review (minimum 200 words) for your product or service.  We require a full sized, non-returnable product for me (and my family, where applicable) to test.  One review will be posted.  Once posted, the review is immediately published to my circles & the public via Google+ as well as Facebook & Twitter via Networked blogs.
All reviews are completed within 30 days of reciept of product(s) This allows me sufficient time to test your product.  I prefer to test products for a minimum of  1 week to allow for a meaningful review.
My family and I welcome any family-friendly products, including food/beverages, clothing/accessories, health/beauty, toys/games and books/educational items.

Please contact me for details, or use the contact me page.

I offer 2 levels of giveaways.  The first level is FREE. This is included with your review.
Your giveaway will be published the same way as the review (I prefer to do seperate posts, but will do a single one)
via google+ and networked blogs.  In addition, I do the following to promote the giveaway;
Publish on multiple "linky" sites/pages, minimum 5
Publish to multiple giveaway groups on facebook 
Promote on twitter/facebook
I prefer that you ship the product to the winner.

If you prefer to only do a giveaway, I charge to post/promote the giveaway. 
 If you are interested in a review/giveaway please contact me for details.

Pinterest Boards/Pins
I am able to create a board specific to your needs.  Whether this is a board made up of your products and services, or something else, we will do it.
I can also add pins to my current boards.

Here are our stats.  
They are current as of 3/2/13

Pageviews (according to blogger) 

Google PR: 2
Alexa Global: 347,283  330,147 as of 3/9
Alexa US: 96,099  80,160 as of 3/9

On Social Media:

Facebook Fans: 2051  2094 as of 3/9
Twitter Followers: 5630 
Pinterest follwers: 118
Google+ 138 have me in circles
GFC 54 followers
LinkedIn 593 connections
Goodreads 45 friends

So...Why should you use Sandling All Day?  Let's recap:

  • Your review's post is AUTOMATICALLY shared via NetworkedBlogs to our  Facebook page, Twitter page and Google+  Page.   Right there you're looking at over 10,000 people!
  • Your product review post will remain on our blog FOREVER...  That's a lifetime investment!!!  That's right.  Your post will never be taken down.  It will never be removed.  Period.  
Interested?  Please contact me for details, or use the contact me page.

Finally... here are what some companies have to say about me... yes, reviews of the reviewer!!!

Great review! Cool pictures and well written.

Austin James
Excellent reviewer. Not an easy product to review - took a reasonable time commitment to read the book. Posted a very honest review and not something cookie-cutter. GREAT JOB! Thanks! Would not hesitate to use blogger's review services again.

Great to work with, very prompt. Wonderful review!

Juppy LLC
Excellent review!

Fortitude Health, LLC
Well written nice review!

Thanks! Great job!

Lovable Labels
Great review - thanks for including so much great information and personal photos.

Thank you for revealing in very direct and certain terms, your experience with Ateevia PRIME and those of your spouse. We are overjoyed that you found it so helpful, and appreciate such a supportive review. We hope to work again with you. Thanks again!

I absolutely love the review! Thank you so much! The pictures are fantastic! We really appreciate a thorough, thoughtful, honest review.

Education Outdoors, Inc.
I enjoyed reading our review so much! Thank you so much!

Bamboo Group
Good job, thank you for your review!

65 Gb Software LLC
Thank you, Marianne! The review is great!

Very prompt in posting her review. Well-written, thorough, and included extra information. Marianne is a delight to work with!

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