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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Newest Bank #Scam ALERT

That's right... the scammers are at it again, and they're getting more clever.  Today, I got a call on my cellphone.   It was an automated voice that said "You're debit card from Boeing Employees Credit Union has been locked.  Please press one to be connected with the Security Department to unlock it."

Let me say this.  I don't have a bank account with BECU.  I haven't for about 8 years.

So I pressed 1, figuring that I would just tell them that this number must have been mis-associated with someone else's account.
The automated voice then said, "Please press 1 to have your card unlocked, or 2 to discontinue"

If you press 1, the automated voice asks you to enter your debit card number to confirm.  Then it asks you to enter your pin number to verify your account for security reasons.

Unfortunately, too many people are falling for this scam... often, they don't even notice that the bank the automated voice used, they don't even have an account at.
The scammers are using local banks for local numbers, so you're not likely to get a BECU call if you live in Wyoming (assuming here, that there isn't one there... lol)
However, they are also using national banks, like Wells Fargo to complete their scam.

This has been reported to the BBB on MANY occasions, however, it's very hard to track the calls, since they're not really from the bank, and what's more, they come from unknown, or private numbers.  Yes, it involves the FCC, and is REALLY hard to track... the best thing you can do is spread the word, and become informed... and don't fall for it!

My mom actually got a call recently, and hung up, and went down to her bank.  #SMART  Obviously the bank explained that it wasn't them, and she realized it was a scam, but not many people are getting that message...  especially older adults, or those that are more trusting... will give out their bank information because they don't want their account to be locked.

Spread the word and keep your money safe!

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