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Friday, January 17, 2014

Lovable Label's Date It! Labels Solve Dating Problems!!!

Disclosure:  In exchange for sharing this product with you, I get some for myself, for free!

Ok, so not 1-1 going to dinner and a movies dating problems... no.

Unfortunately, I don't think these will help with that (although, I'm pretty sure I could make up a study where they help minimize arguments caused by eating old food that wasn't labeled!)
Lovable Labels has created a label that solves the problem of multiple crossed-out dates on a container, or worse, having to continually throw them out.

I often find myself ruining food containers over and over with permanent markers.  It's true... you put those pork chops in it, and freeze it, with of course, the date... but when you go to reuse it, BAM, you either can't, or you end up having to cross it out and re-date the container.  The problem with this is, eventually, you WILL run out of room for a new date.

Lovable Label's has come up with a cure for your dating blues.  They're the "Date It!" Labels.
With these labels, you never have to guess what's in the container, or worse, when you put them in there.  Nothing worse than leaving something to thaw, only to come back RIGHT before you start dinner to something you wouldn't even feed you're neighbors dog (you know the one... that leaves *ahem* 'gifts' on your lawn... right where you step!)

These bright and colorful labels are made to be written on OVER AND OVER, and OVER again!  They are completely safe to use in the fridge and freezer, microwave and even dishwasher.  They are perfect for labeling home-made baby food, special food for the kids, and especially for people with allergies, who's food can't come in contact with others!

They come in 5 stylish designs, you get 30 labels per pack, 3 different sizes: 10 each large, medium and small.

Want to order some yourself?  I know I'm excited about trying them out myself, and at $14.95 for 30 of them, you're getting an amazing deal.  Multiple RE-USABLE food container labels...  the possibilities!

What's more, because you've read about them here, you can use my special blog coupon code to get an ADDITIONAL 10% off!!


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