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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NO MORE MISSING CHILDREN!!! (giveaway link!)

Ever worry about your child getting lost?  Of course you have... if you haven't,  you're either a horrible parent, or more likely, don't have children.
For those parents who aren't the world's worst, you know that nightmare (daymare for some!) where you're out shopping, keeping a CLOSE eye on your child, and a person bumps into you, you turn, and you're child is gone... or your child is looking at the newest transformer toy, and you turn to put it in your cart, and bam, they're not in sight.
It's happened to me...and I'm such a helicopter mom that my son my as well be the propeller!!!  But there have been a couple incidents, where I turned around, and he'd walked away.  Now granted, HE knew where he was... and when I screamed for him, he comes running (usually scared, because he can hear the fear in my voice) and then of course, the ENTIRE store is alarmed, and some (parents, of course) frantically looking around for a child without a parent... but the concern is quickly filled with relief, as the child is found...
Unfortunately, this does not happen for all parents.  A nice day at the store can QUICKLY turn to heartbreak when a child goes missing...  and I can't tell you how many times I've been at a store (mind you, not a 7-11 sized store, but a huge department store, with multiple customer exits...) and seen a YOUNG child (think 5 and under) walking in a toy aisle with NO PARENT.


This, I don't understand...  But I digress.
There is a new product out, that I've just heard of, and I'm VERY excited about.  It's called the "Mommy I'm Home" and it's amazing!  Want to learn more?  Check out this great review!

What's more, YOU CAN WIN IT!  So be sure to visit I'm a Blessed Mommy and enter today!


  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing my review/giveaway. You were one of the lucky winners!

    1. Thank YOU! I'm super excited about this great item, and to be a winner... that's amazing!!! I can already feel relief knowing I don't have to worry about MY child disappearing.. now if we could just get hospitals to give one to you in your 'mommy bag' when you have a child... :)


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