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Saturday, December 7, 2013

20 Days of Christmas

*yes, I'm playing catch-up.  If you've caught recent posts, I've had lots of family issues, and am trying to catch up on my blog.  So right now, I'll be posting all the posts that should have been posted!  This is the only one that will have this note though!!!*

So 20 days of Christmas.  This first day, I went out and bought the first present of the season.  I'm not going to mention what they are, simply because my children are smart, and I really don't want to give them clues!!!

I am so excited for this... I went to the store and bought some Christmas reusable bags that say happy holidays (living here in Seattle, we have to pay for paper, and don't get plastic, so I have a large 'collection' of reusable bags!)

I'm planning on giving my family a great christmas, so we'll see what happens!!!

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