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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Visa Prepaid Cards From CARD.com

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I received payment in exchange for my review.  NO agreement was made for a positive review, all opinions are my own.

I have a debit card from my credit union. There isn’t much to it, it’s blue, and has my name.  Period.  I have a card on my PP account, it’s grey and has my name.   Wheeeee, right? (note my hint of sarcasm)  I know that some banks offer a few different choices for cards, and that’s cool…


Now you can get Visa prepaid cards from CARD.com. You can sign up for free, and choose from HUNDREDS of different cards.  Literally… on the first page there are 15 cards. 

Before I tell  you about all the great choices, here’s WHY you should choose Card.com

No check cashing fees
No overdraft fees
No late fees
Use EVERYWHERE Visa® or MasterCard® is accepted.
You can use it at ATM’s everywhere
NO minimum balance

You can choose from the following categories: 
Animals, Art & Culture, Causes, Cityscapes, Comics, Fashion, Flags, Flowers, Food & Drink, Gothic, Hipster, Nature, School, Seasonal, Sports, Symbols, Tattoos and TV

Autism Awareness Visa prepaid cards from CARD.com
I have SO many favorites, I really need a card for each day of the month... You can see more of my faves at the end of the post.

I will say that seeing 6-10 pages in some categories, I was a little saddened that there were only 3 cards in the ‘flowers’ category, however, they have sunflowers, so they’re forgiven!!!
(ETA: There are MORE flowers if you search for "plants" or look in the "nature" category.  I have let them know about it and hope to see that fixed!)

I do have a suggestion for them, that I’d LOVE to see them implement.  I would love to be able to narrow down the categories.  For example, when you look at the TV section, they have lots from the show Numbers.  Instead of going through all 9 pages, it would be easier for me if I could see the list of shows and go from there.  (There are a lot from the show Numbers.)  Or when looking at sports, being able to narrow it down by a specific sport. 

I do have another suggestion, but it’s more of a ‘wish’ than anything, and actually, would be willing to spend a little for to do… being able to use your own photo for a card.  Maybe one day… I’d LOVE to have a family photo, or a pic of my kids adorning my debit card!

Here are some I KNOW my 8yr old would love:
Camo Visa prepaid cards from CARD.comCamo Visa prepaid cards from CARD.com
Camo Visa prepaid cards from CARD.comCamo Visa prepaid cards from CARD.com

There are literally so many, I spent an hour trying to choose mine.  Don't worry, that's a good thing.  That means there is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!  (yes, even my nearly 60yr old husband who doesn't watch sports... I might choose Care Bears for him!!! LOL  *j/k honey!*)

Care Bears Visa prepaid cards from CARD.com

So after waiting just a few days 

So how does it work?
It’s REALLY simple.  3 Steps.

1)      choose your card.  Since there is no credit check, 100% of those who sign up are approved.  PERIOD.
2)      Set up Direct Deposit, load it with cash at Western Union or transfer from PayPal or your bank account.
3)      Spend & Show off your card!!!   (I know I’m going to use it as credit as often as possible

Do you  have more questions?  Feel free to check out their FAQ!  (https://www.card.com/help)

Be sure to like them on Facebook & follow them on Twitter!
They’re even on Pinterest AND they have a blog!!!

I ordered my card on the 4th in the morning, and I received it in the mail today, the 10th.  A VERY quick turnaround!  Plus, the activation could NOT have been easier!  It was super simple, and voila, it's done!


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