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Friday, August 2, 2013

Yes, I Was Hacked

I know WAY too many of my blogging friends & companies I work with received an email laced with a virus, from my account.
I'm SO sorry!!  I don't know how they got in, whether it was hacking, or if I got a virus (I NEVER click on those links...)
I have received a few emails from concerned friends, and I'm grateful for that.  I have taken steps to fix the problem, hopefully this won't happen again.

For those that don't know what happened...
I went to check my personal email today, and noticed that my blogging email had sent me something.  This was very curious to me, because I didn't send anything to myself.  When I looked at it, I realized it was a virus laden email.
I attempted to switch to my other email (aol allows switching between attached accounts) AOL would not allow it.
I tried to log in, and received a message saying t


  1. Wow! Glad you caught it!

  2. yea I got one and didnt opened it. i deleted it.

  3. Good thing you you caught it and that the virus didn't do any further damage to your email. This happened to me a long time ago as well. I didn't know what spam mails were and unknowingly clicked a virus posing as an add. The internet wasn't that popular though, so I didn't lose too much information. It was still a lesson learned though that prompted me to be very cautious with the emails I receive as well as the programs I use.

    Lewis Ira @ Access-Smart


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