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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Relax With The Soothing Company {review}

Disclosure:  I received the following item in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was provided, no agreement was made for anything but an honest review.  Read my full FTC disclosure above.

The Soothing Company is a website that offers hundreds of soothing products for your home or garden.
They even have a website, Soothing Walls, that offers a large selection of outdoor water fountains.

I've always enjoyed those fountains that people have, but never had one...until now. I received the Stacked River Rock Tabletop Fountain to review. 
Stacked River Rock Tabletop Fountain

Product information:
Stacked River Rock Tabletop Fountain:

The attention to detail is fantastic, making the Stacked River Rock Tabletop Fountain a wonderful accent for any place you choose! As water bubbles up and spills over the rock, it creates a soothing, peaceful sound that provides the perfect backdrop for relaxing, reading, or meditating. This fountain will make a truly beautiful centerpiece for any table, allowing for a calming presence.

Stacked River Rock Tabletop Fountain Features:
  • Stacked river rock design
  • Made of durable poly-resin
  • Indoor or outdoor use
Stacked River Rock Tabletop Fountain Includes:
  • Electric Recirculating Pump
  • Underwater LED light

My review:

First, let me say that soothing, does not even come close to describing the relaxing atmosphere that the Stacked River Rock Tabletop Fountain provided.   I decided to plug it in during a Reiki Massage from my dad, to enhance the relaxing, non-stressful surroundings that were necessary to FULLY relax into the massage.  Now, I've had massages from dad before, and really relaxed, but was TOTALLY surprised at just how much more relaxed I was with the gentle water sounds.  There was no "electronic" sounds, so it really sounded like I was near a small creek.  It is not overly loud, so it's not disturbing in any way.

It's great around children, as there aren't any pieces that you have to worry about them playing with.  I've been imagining that it would be awesome for parties!  It's got an underwater LED light, that glows in the water... what would happen if you dropped a little food coloring in, just to tint the water??  Maybe a little pink water flowing on Valentines day? 

Having a special needs child, I worry about having things like this in his presence, because he'll either break it, or hurt himself, but this is really not a worry with him.  Granted, you want to keep small children away from it, because it does plug into the wall, and it does have water, and we know those don't mix, but older children that know better than to turn it on it's side, or drink the water, it's great!  I'd also suggest putting it in a special need child's room at naptime (either out of reach, or with supervision) because the sounds are totally relaxing.  It was really great for my son, helped him relax at the end of the day and go to sleep.

The Soothing Company offers a WIDE selection of relaxing items from fountains and fireplaces to bonsai and bean bag chairs to saunas and solar lights.  And everything in between!  Here are a few of my favorite picks! (hint hint... my birthday is coming up!!!)

Omega Montage Elite Massage Chair

Table Aquariums

Indoor Bonsai Trees

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