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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I'm Good At {May Challenge}

It's day 2!!
If you're following my May blogging challenge, you'll know that day 2 is:
 Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

To be perfectly honest (and I'm not bragging, or anything!) I know alot about alot... I am like a sponge, and I tend to pick things up and remember them.  My husband calls me a 'sub-genious' because of my IQ (120-135 depending on the test)

I know alot about... gardening, computers, the medical field...
take your pick, I can tell you quite a bit.

I guess we'll start backwards.

The Medical Field
True story:
My son (#1) was at school one day a few years ago, and bent down to sharpen his pencil (you know the kind, that are bolted to the wall) and when he came up, he banged his head on the corner of a computer monitor.  Well he hit his head just so, that he gashed his eyebrow.  I got a call from the school, that the nurse had looked at him, and determined that he'd need stitches.  At this time, I'd had my younger son in a school that tended to children with special needs, but because of his anxiety, he would NOT, I repeat, WOULD NOT go to school by himself.  So that ENTIRE year, I went to school with him.  I got the call while we were at school.  I quickly grabbed him (#2) and dashed from one school to the other (about a 10min drive) and rushed #1 to the ER.
While we were at the ER, the nurse comes in, and we get to talking about the gash, medications and treatments.  My husband interrupts us, and asks to be 'let in' on what's going on.  It was then, that I realized we were talking like 'medical professionals' vs like lay people.
My husband and her start talking, and she told my husband that I could explain it to him. He questioned this statement, and she referred to me being a nurse.  She AUTOMATICALLY thought that I was a nurse, because of my extensive knowledge in treatment and such.  My husband BURST out laughing, and explained that I'm not a nurse, that I just know a lot.

So as you can see... I'm a medical professional without a degree (or a nursing job!!!)

Computers... no real funny story here... I just love computers... oh wait.. I guess I do have a funny anecdote.
While I'm great with computers now (everything but coding, however I'm learning html now that I blog!)
When I was a child, I was given an older computer from my aunt.  It was very old... and filled with a bunch of stuff.  So one day, I decided to go through and clear it out of the stuff that I didn't need.
I learned then, that you need the registry!!  I apparently deleted the files that the computer needed to start, and things of that nature... it never did start again!!!

Well this is pretty easy.  I'm a third generation lawn care specialist.  :)  I love that term!!  My mom owns a lawn care company, my grandfather owned a lawn care company, and worked until he was 91.
I'm still learning the names of plants, but I pick them up pretty quickly.
My mom is teaching me the ins and outs of the business so I can take over it eventually.  I've already decided that once that happens, I'm QUITTING all lawns that are on hills!!  Mowing up hill SUCKS!!!

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