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Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Life Story {May Challenge}

250 words or less?  You've got to be kidding...but here goes!! (Oh wait... those words don't count, DO THEY???)

I'm a 33 yr old mom from Seattle, with 2 wonderful boys and a loving husband.  I was born Dec 09th.  I grew up in a HUGE house, 6bd 2 bath 3 story with a FULL basement.
I grew up with my mom, dad, sister and grandma.  I loved living with my grandma… I’d go up to her room at night and watch her shows (jeopardy, wheel etc) and end up getting cookies or candy too!  Double bonus!
My dad died (by his own hand) when I was 6.  It was very hard on my mom.  My step-father (the one on the blog I call Dad!!!) is Lonnie.  He’s a musician who’s traveled the world doing gigs.  I remember one year he spent 6 months in Japan touring!  He’d call, and we’d hear “mushy mushy” which I think means hello, but I don’t remember.
I ran away from home at 15 and took a Greyhound bus to CA.  I was back home after a plane ride the next day.
At 16, I moved out of the house, to live with my then boyfriend (DS1's father) and we took a Greyhound to North Carolina, where we lived for a year before moving to Virginia.  I got pregnant with #1 and we moved back to Seattle.  Fast Forward: I left his father when I was 21.  I met my wonderful husband at 22 and we moved a little fast, but it was great.  I got pregnant at 25 with #2.
Having a teen & a special needs 7yr old is not easy, by any means, but it is my life, and I love my boys very much.

Well I'm 25 words over my 250, so I failed my first task, but oh well!!! ;)  (my 275 word count is just the story... not all this, so don't count these!!!!  ;)

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  1. Now I know why I like you so much. Your bday is the same week as mine. 2 days after mine. :D


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