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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pork- Who Would Have Thought?


I can't say that I saw this coming... I'm really enjoying pork!  I've been eating much more of it, after joining in BzzAgent's Pork- Be Inspired Moist & Juicy Campaign run with the Kroger family of Stores.

As you know, previously, I was not all that keen on pork.  Yes, I eat it, and REALLY enjoy some good pork ribs, but especially pork chops, I have not had great history with.  Growing up, they were always cooked to the point where they were super dry.  As an adult, that's pretty much the experience I still have, with every pork chop...it always tends to come out dry... requiring a TON of liquids/sauce to dip it in.

That is, up until now.
With the USDA's changing of the internal temperature to 145 degrees with a 3 minute rest (test to 145, then allow 3 minutes to rest BEFORE you cut it!) 

Being in this campaign has really given me the opportunity to give pork another chance.  Being that I really wanted to do this campaign justice, I have not only just tried pork, but I've TRIED pork.  We've cooked several different cuts of pork, in order to really give it a fair chance.

We've tried:  Sirloin chops, Pork chops, pork back ribs and of course, ham.
Ham and ribs are both something that we eat around my house, but I wanted to try some of the recipes that were given in our bzzkit, and also try it cooked JUST how it's suggested, with the 145 degree.

With the Sirlion chops, we cooked them in apple juice and water, and seasoned them.  They came out so Moist & Juicy, just as the bzzkit said they would.  I was impressed.
But the moment of truth, really comes with the pork chops.  Don't get me wrong...pork chops taste great... they've just always come out dry.

We decided to try the Peach-Bourbon Glaze, cooking the pork chops in the oven, exactly how and as long as it stated in the "Juicy News" part of the bzzkit.

-Broiling, chops should be 3/4 of an inch, cooked 8-9 minutes to an internal temp of 145 (with that 3 min rest)

I am the first to say, that I am a changed woman.  Loyal always to chicken and beef, I have found a new love to add to it.. Pork is definitely something that will be served more often in my house.

I honestly can say that I'm surprised that it's taken this campaign to show us the light, but I'm really glad that it did.

So, my final thought... Pork, Be Inspired... is really catchy... and honest.  I WAS inspired to try new things.  I am inspired to be creative in the kitchen.  I will be inspired to keep eating pork!!

I leave it to you... will YOU follow me, into uncharted pork ground, and try pork again?

As always, I must mention. I am a BzzAgent. I get to try things free or cheap, so that I may share my opinions with you, get your opinions, and share wonderful products with the world!  

The opinions contained here are my own, and as a BzzAgent, I do NOT say what people want to hear, but rather, what I think. :)  And I like pork!!

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