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Sunday, November 18, 2012


I was posed the question...  "What item is the highest priority on your Holiday gift list?"

Normally, I would answer with a specific gift that I've wanted to buy that year... but this year is much different.
Because of how low income my household is (picture living on what you pay for rent or your car note)
I sign up for Christmas assistance each year.
My kid's schools usually have a gift program, along with a local assistance program, we are usually covered... Well this year, is different.
First, my son is in a new school that just re-opened last year, so they don't have a holiday assistance program going. Second, the resource I normally use apparently started WAY early this year (Sept 25 vs Dec 1) for sign-ups, and by the time I went, they were closed...
So that leaves ONE place for help this year.  The local DSHS office.  Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for ANY help, but the problem is that they just grab a toy and hand it to you.
My child is disabled.  If I say "I have a 7 yr old boy" they'll hand me a truck or something.  My son can't do what most can. Some things he can, and it's great...but alot, he can't.
So we end up not being able to give them to him, because it will just frustrate him more.

So in answer to the question... my highest priority is FINDING a way to get him a gift or two to put under our construction paper tree.

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