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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pork-Be Inspired...a new view

Pork has always, at least for me, been the 'other' white meat...you know... we eat chicken all the time, and pork is great, but it's wildly more expensive, and tends to come out pretty dry.

Well I joined BzzAgent's Pork, Be Inspired campaign to (hopefully) challenge that view.  Chicken is great, and versatile, but as I've learned, not NEARLY as versatile as pork.

First, there are SO many ways to cook pork!! Second, there are SO many different cuts of pork!
It can be marinated, roasted, grilled, skewered, dry rubbed, boiled, baked, barbecued, microwaved, pan-fried or stir-fried.

Second, there are SO many different cuts of pork!

sausage, tenderloin, blade steak, hocks/shanks, cutlet, crown roast, chop, ground pork, cubed/sliced, ham, shoulder, pork leg, loin roast, rib roast/rack, back ribs, country style ribs, spare ribs, bacon, Canadian style bacon, belly
And many different ways to cook these different cuts.

I've also found that pork is not nearly as expensive as I first thought, if you know where to look, and what cut to buy.
For example, I found that some Kroger stores had chops on sale buy one get one free.  Using the $5 coupon  we received in our bzzkits, that could make for some cheap, or even free meat.
I didn't find that sale at my Fred Meyer, but I did find that cuts can be as cheap as $2/lb if you know where to look.
Sirloin chops are a bit cheaper than regular pork chops, and they come boneless too, which is always more bang for your buck.

That is the cut that I purchased with my bzzkit coupon.  I wanted to be able to really try something new.  We've done porkchops and ribs in our house plenty of times before, but sirloin chops are something we've not done, so it's what I went with.
My husband prepared them.  He used a turkey type roasting pan, washed the chops and laid them out.  He put water and (I know!) apple juice as the liquid for them to sit in.  He coated them with garlic powder, seasoning salt, fresh ground pepper and lots of butter, put them on bake @ 350 and let them cook for an hour and a half, completely covered with foil.
They came out SOOOOO tender!!!  I mean, when I went to put them on the plate, they were literally falling apart...just the way we enjoy meat.
I took the smallest chop and took pictures of it before I ate it, fresh out of the pan, and then sliced to show the juicy insides.  I did this prior to putting everything else on the plate, mostly because I was supposed to be checking to see if they were finished, but as soon as I realized they were, I couldn't wait for the rest of the meal...I wanted to eat the meat!

My final impression?  I am a changed woman.  I now know that pork is more versatile than chicken, with more cuts, and more ways to cook it.  I now know that it is just as cheap as chicken, depending on where and when you buy it, and what cut.  I also now know that it is actually healthier than pork, containing more protein!
Also, I really was getting tired of chicken...the last few times it was cooked, I didn't even have a taste for it.  Perhaps having more of a variety in our house will allow for us to not get 'burnt out' on anything specific.

So I say, thank you, pork, for changing my views about pork, for challenging the perceptions I'd had, and inspiring me to try you again.



As always, I need to mention:  I am a BzzAgent.  I receive things free/cheap to try them out and spread the word to everyone about them.  Want to know more?  Drop me a line!!
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