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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trend Micro Safe Sync

Another bzzcampaign!!!  (As always, I am a Bzzagent...  I get to try products & services free in exchange for my opinion & honest feedback... oh, and to share it!!!!)
This campaign is for Trend Micro's Safe Sync.  It is, in essence, an online backup service.  At least on the outside.  Looking further in, there is much more to it.  First, the most important feature (at least to me!) is that I can access the backup content from any of my computers.  This is amazing, because it means that no matter which laptop I'm using, I can pull up the document I was working on, or see my pictures/music at my leisure without having to have copies on each computer.
I really am impressed with another feature too, that it saves documents to "the cloud" (or, the internet/their servers) as soon as I save it, so I don't have to worry about time-consuming backups, since everything is backed up immediately.
There are also smaller features that I'm sure will be handy to anyone.  It allows for easy posting to facebook, twitter & your blog.  Also, it's got great safety/privacy features, such as file transfer encryption and multiple firewalls.  Finally, there is another feature that I think is second only to my first: their service allows you to recover documents, including PAST VERSIONS!
I'm impressed... are you?  Want to try???
Visit: http://trendmicro.com/safesync  use the code BZZ20 for special savings!!!

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