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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

About.me website

I've just started another new BzzAgent campaign, About.Me.  (You'll remember, being a BzzAgent allows me to try new products & services for free, in exchange for my honest opinion, feedback and sharing)  On first glance, about.me is very simple.  Anyone who isn't the least technical could manage this.  It is, at it's core, simply a page that merges whatever social networks you belong to.  When you first start, you give an email, password and make a user/page name.  Then, you basically log into your different networks (facebook, twitter, foursquare, blogger etc) and give it access.  It then posts your posts to it's main page, from your different networks.  You can then give people ONE link, one page, for them to get information about you.  They're even offering free 'business' cards with your link and background image (shipping costs apply) for you to give out.  Can't complain about free!!!
So far, after having attached my facebook, twitter & blogger accounts, I have one drawback that may actually keep me from using it often.  It only allows for you to link one blogspot account.  I actually have 3 blogs... one for my jewelry making, one about my family, and one about, well, everything Sandling.  (this one!)  And I'm supposed to choose one to link???   I'm going to keep trying...perhaps it's just me...or, maybe, you can only link one.  Whatever it is, I will keep trying.  I want to see what else it can do.
Interested?  view my page @ http://about.me/mssandling  visit it and tell me what you think!!

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