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Friday, May 20, 2011

Armand@Salon Armand...

So like in many reviews that you'll read, Salon Armand participated in a Living Social deal....
Well, I've been working with the auction at the Experimental Education Unit @ the University of Washington for the last 4 or 5 months every day, each day.  Many days I take work home too.  Now mind you, I am a volunteer.  But, since La'Ray Jr goes to the EEU, it's important to me to make it as best as I can.   Well a couple weeks ago, when Livingsocial ran the deal, Tammy, (she runs the auction at the school, and has recently been promoted to "assistant director of advancement") bought it for me, as a gift for the work that I've been doing with the auction.    Ok... I've prefaced it... now onto what happened!!!   :)

Yesterday, I had a 2:15appt at Salon Armand.  I was running on time, until I ran into Seattle construction.  Mapquest told me to get off 1-5 at Stewart, and get onto Eastlake.  Well that's great, but Eastlake is closed.  So I kept going straight, figuring I'd turn on the next block.  I did, but when I got to Howell, IT was closed TOO...  Well now I'm lost AND it's getting late!  I decided to call the Salon, and ask for directions.  The man that answered the phone was polite and patient, and explained to me the best way to get there.  Fast-forward.  I'm going up Boylston from Pike, and nearly go right past the place.  They are tucked right in the middle of a residential block (I believe they're in the "lobby" of a apartment complex or something)  But I found them.  I could not, however, find parking!  I drove around the block, and then another, until I was lucky enough to find parking about 2 blocks away.  However, it was shady parking, so no complaints.
After walking down the hill, and into the shop, I'm greeted by a man on the phone, and asked to wait.  I take a moment to look around the shop.  It's quite small (about the size of a master bedroom, at most!) however, the decoration is beautiful and relaxing, and had framed photos by a local artist who's selling them.  I looked at one, and the price tag was some $350!!!  After just a minute or two, the man on the phone (who introduced himself as Armand...  ~~Of Salon Armand!!~~ offered me  to take a seat in the chair near me.  He then explained that their computers were down, and he was on the line with tech support.  After a few minutes, he put someone else to sit on the phone and wait, and attended to me.  He asked me some questions about what I wanted done, and then cut a good 10 inches off my hair as a "pre-cut".  My hair felt so much lighter then!!  He then asked another stylist, Josh, to wash my hair while he got back on the phone.  Josh was SO WONDERFUL!!!  He gently washed my hair, and then even massaged my scalp.  It was such an amazing thing... and being my first time in a 'salon'...  I've decided that even if I can't afford to go and get my hair cut & styled again, I WILL be going back for a hair washing!!!  lol.   So after Josh washed my hair, he gently wrapped it into a towel, and escorted me back to my chair.  They offered me tea or water, and were so polite!  Armand then came and asked how short I wanted my hair, and I told him, and he began trimming.  When he was done with the cut, he then started to blow dry my hair (which I believe what he did was a "blow-out"

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