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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Covergirl Bzzz

So I am a bzzagent.  I'm supposed to disclose that upfront, as you should know that, well, I'm a Bzz Agent. lol  I get access to new and different products/websites and general stuff in order to review and share them with others.  Today, I'm sharing that it's Covergirl's 50th anniversary!  There are some really cool things going on... you can even win a trip to go on tour with Taylor Swift!  Check it out at www.facebook.com/covergirl  Make your own ad, featuring yourself and a product.  You can save it to your pictures, so all your friends will think you've done modeling or something!  There are lots of quizzes, giveaways and of course, prizes, so hop on over and check it out!!  

From the Bzz Materials...
Celebrating 50 beautiful years
The next generation of COVERGIRL… is you! Visit the MyCOVERGIRL tab to celebrate and let friends and this iconic beauty brand know just what it is that makes you an easy, breezy, beautiful COVERGIRL. As part of the fun, they’ll be offering samples, fun quizzes, sweet rewards, monthly and quarterly prizes and amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Go ahead, invite your friends to the party and rock your COVERGIRL all year long!

Are you an easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl?  Tell me what YOU do, say, think or feel that makes you a Covergirl!

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