Wednesday, March 1, 2017


You heard me correctly!!  My son recently got into the whole Minecraft Phenom that's enraptured people of ALL ages.  My son initially started playing it on his Xbox 360, and we had an AMAZING survival game going, but once he got the Xbox One game, it was ALL OVER!  We were both hooked.  Honestly, we'd play for 10 hours STRAIGHT!  It was a GREAT way for us to spend quality time together, where his issues didn't cause any problems.  It helped his confidence, and in turn, his anxiety.

So when I heard that there's an opportunity for kids to PLAY MINECRAFT ON A MOVIE THEATER SCREEN... I HAD to find out about it!  (yes, I am super jealous that I can't play too!!!)

So basically it's like a tournament, where kids up to age 17 can play against other kids to move on to the Playoffs!  What an amazing thing!  Right now, they've got them NATIONWIDE, so there's plenty of places that kids can compete!!

Here's the info:
Play Minecraft in a Movie Theatre! Join Super League's City Champs
If your gamer loves Minecraft, then wait until you tell them that they can PLAY MINECRAFT ON THE BIG SCREEN! Super League Gaming, the world's first in-theater recreational video game league, will let your kids take their love of gaming beyond your living room walls and onto the silver screen. This is the little league experience for gamers! It's fun, social and kids get to be part of a local organization celebrating their passion and their skills.

Starting March 11 and running for four consecutive Saturdays, kids can play Minecraft in Super League's City Champs, an event taking place in a dozen cities across the country. Your child's creativity, critical thinking and teamwork will be put to the test at each event. During City Champs Qualifiers, players will vie to earn a spot in the Playoffs. Players can participate in as many Qualifier events as they wish - the top two scores will count toward ranking and determine who advances to the Playoffs, starting later this spring.

Players are forced to think, make choices, and use logic to complete goals within the game. Super League encourages teamwork and playing Minecraft helps develop skills like reading, organization, planning, and problem solving.

Super League City Champs offers gamers 17 and younger 90 minutes of big screen gaming for four consecutive Saturdays beginning March 11th through April 1st. Each event starts at 10:30 am.

For tickets visit: SUPERLEAGUE.COM 

I am SO excited to be able to participate in this with my son.  I do have some concerns about how it will work with his disabilities, but I'm sure that there will be a way to work through/around them.  I'll surely keep you posted!!!

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