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Friday, December 30, 2016

Lasting Memories using CanvasOnSale.com

The following review is sponsored by US Family Guide and Canvas On Sale.  My opinions are MY OWN.  I received one or more items to review, in exchange for my HONEST opinion.  I think you'll find that my review is HONEST, if nothing else!!  

I had the opportunity to receive and review products from CanvasOnSale.com.

I was particularly excited about this review, because my father in law recently passed away, and I wanted to provide my husband with a canvas print of his father to hang on the wall, of his absolute FAVORITE photo.

All went well with the ordering process, and I was very excited.  I ordered the LARGEST print that I could find, using an 8x10 original photo.

I waited and waited, and when it FINALLY arrived, I was brokenhearted.  The frame was broken.  The company promises  So I expected  "Our packaging has been designed to ensure your canvas will arrive to you in perfect condition with as little waste as possible."
 So I expected that my canvas would arrive in perfect condition, as promised.  I was saddened, when I realized that the frame arrived broken.

Their "carefully secured" wrapping was a thin cardboard box.  There was no extra padding or anything protecting the frame.  They rely on the shipping company to keep it in good condition, with no "fragile" sign or anything.  Since the frame was broken, the canvas was folded and misshapen.  This was shipped in time for Christmas for my husband... his Christmas present was ruined.

The process for getting it replaced was daunting and VERY time consuming.  It took a number of emails back and forth, followed by having to slice through my father in laws face in the photo (in and of itself was VERY difficult...it was already broken- but that wasn't enough!)

I explained that I wanted to replace the photo, but I was also unhappy with the quality of the print (no one messaged and said, sorry, that photo isn't going to work, it's VERY blurry)
As you can see, this portion of the print you can barely see ANYTHING... that's his Army uniform.

They said that they could replace the canvas, what did I want to do.  I had to email them AGAIN and explain AGAIN, that I wanted to REPLACE the canvas!  After 4 emails with me telling them that I wanted to replace it, they explained how to complete the order, and I did.   The replacement items came in 2 separate orders, but I was thrilled with them.

I ended up getting 2 smaller canvas prints of my father in law and brother in law, both who've passed, a mug with my hubby and 2 throw pillow covers with my kids' photos on them.  They were all beautiful and I'm happy.

All in all, I would've expected a bit more from them, especially having my Christmas present ruined...  I suppose my expectations were just higher than the company's customer satisfaction intent.
Normally, when a customer is THIS unhappy with their product, the company would go above and beyond, to ensure that they have a repeat customer...Not here.

So I'll sum it up like this.  The prices are usual, the product is the same that you can get anywhere.  Their shipping/packaging is subpar.  However, they DO offer an amazing deal for first timers, where you basically get a canvas free (pay shipping) and apparently you can then offer the SAME deal to a couple of your friends.  So all in all, for the cost of a latte and a pack of Skittles... you get a lasting memory to hang on your wall.

Custom cushion with a photography of a woman holding flower in her hand

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