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Friday, August 28, 2015

Moving SUCKS

Can I just be honest for a minute?  There is no candy coating,  no cover up... it just sucks.

So we were EXTREMELY unprepared for this move.  We were unaware that we'd have to move until about a month prior,  and because we're subsidized, it takes a MINIMUM of 2-3 months to actually move!
Why?  You ask?
Let me break it down for you.
Let's say you get the notice to move on the 1st. So you first have to put in your request to move.
That takes up to 14 days to process.  Then they set you up with the mandatory orientation and issuance meeting.  That's only done once a week,  but usually takes 3 weeks to get into.
Then you're issued it,  You can move. ...
HOWEVER, because we were moving closer to our church,  We had to port our assistance to another housing authority.  This can take up to SIXTY DAYS.
Once it's ported and you've gone to ANOTHER issuance meeting, you can THEN go look for an apt.  After the application process (assuming you're approved) you then give a packet to the landlord,  who sends it in.  It goes thru a 1-2 week process of determining if the rent is reasonable,  and other stuff,  before they schedule an inspection.  At the inspection,  EVERYTHING is checked.
It can fail if a light switch cover is cracked!  If it passes,  THEN,  AND ONLY  THEN can you sign the lease.

So if  you've followed this,  it's a couple months to actually move.

Now add in the equation having a disabled husband,  a special needs child and not having an aptvto move your stuff to...

We have to be out of our apt on the 31st, however,  we can't get the keys until Sept 10th.


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