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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Special Needs Blog of the Week

I've decided to try something new.  In an effort to share stories and lives, I've decided to start a Blog of the Week.  And not just any blog of the week... a Special Needs blog of the week.  This will be to showcase blogs that are about, discuss or surround the lives of a family with a special needs child.  They don't have to be SOLELY about the dealings with that child, they can be life blogs with stories, or reviews (like my blog) or whatever, but they do have to involve a SN child.  Why?  Because we have so many blogs that share each other, but we in the SN community need to support each other, and I want to introduce you all to other blogs that encourage me.
Have you ever read about a SN child that REALLY made you feel grateful?  One who's story endeared you, or just made you look at your own child a little differently?

So...  while I'm asking, does anyone have one in mind?   I'm going to need to build a list!!!

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