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Monday, March 3, 2014

IEP and Aging Out

So we got the news recently that our 8yr old son will be "aging out" of his IEP.  He was originally given it because he needed progress within the "adaptive" section.  Since he will be turning 9, the adaptive section doesn't apply any longer, so we need another diagnosis in order to keep him on his IEP.  I've actually run into several parents recently that are having the same issue with their child, who mostly suffers behavioral and emotional issues.  So now, I have to go to his doctor and get his diagnosis in writing in an effort to keep him on his IEP, which yes, is totally necessary for him to get a FREE AND APPROPRIATE EDUCATION.  Remember those words...they're totally important for ANY parent, but ESPECIALLY parents of SN children.
Our IEP meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, so we can discuss any changes that need to be made, and I need to get the school Psychiatrist's help to get his testing done so he can stay on it.

Anyone else have/having this issue?  Or gone through it?  I'd love to get some feedback and suggestions.

Oh, I've also recently found out that LS is having a hearing problem.  He was tested at school, and he is not hearing some of the tones.  We're taking him to an audiologist to get further testing.  I'm pretty sure it's not earwax because we keep him clean enough to eat off of... hope it's nothing serious, although, it would explain a lot!!!

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