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Monday, September 30, 2013

@PayPal and @Lifelock - 2 ends of the CS spectrum

My son has been @ Children's Hospital for his special needs for sometime now.  He just left the hospital on Sept 27th.  We went to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions (over $80) and I went to use my PayPal card, that my mom JUST sent $75 to for my son.  I was told that it wouldn't complete.  We tried it 4 different times, because I KNEW I had the money.
The pharmacy was able to give us ONE day of medication, to keep him 'good' until we had a chance to sort it out. (THANK YOU TIEN!)

So I get home, and IMMEDIATELY go online and check my PayPal account.  $3.41
Lifelock took out $108.41.

Now, here's some backstory:  I signed up with a free trial of Lifelock back in July.  I had until August. 24th to cancel.  I called in on August 17th and cancelled the account.  I was told that it was plenty enough time, and that I wouldn't be charged.  Sure enough, August came and went, and no money ever left my account.
So can you tell me then, why in God's name, would you come at the END of September, and take $108.41 from my account.
When I called in, I was told that the cancellation went through on August 22nd, and it wasn't enough time to stop the billing...
BUT THEN, wouldn't I have seen a charge on Aug 28th?  No, BECAUSE IT WAS CANCELLED!!!

After sitting on the phone with them for a FULL 28 minutes, my phone SAVED ME and died. I think I may have jumped through the phone and strangled someone pretty quickly.  There wasn't ANY way for them to give me my money back quickly, that it would take 5-7 business days to get it.  HUH???  They didn't have a problem TAKING it?!

So I gave my son the meds I had for him, and we went to sleep.
As soon as I woke up, I called PayPal, since there wasn't any way to dispute the transaction online, as it was still listed as pending (this is how debit card transactions work)
My first phone call, I was on hold for 20 minutes, and got no person.  I called back, and started pushing random numbers & talking (the automated system detects words & pushed numbers) until it got so flustered that it sent me to a person, who sent me to the right department.

I spoke to a gal named Brittney.  (Instead of re-telling the story, I'm going to insert the email that I'm sending to Paypal.  They even have an email SPECIFICALLY for you to commend them!  If you get great customer service, be sure to let them know... we always complain, but rarely take the time to commend.  it's greatjob@paypal.com

First, when she answered, she was happy and a pleasant to talk with.  I was already in a bad mood from the Lifelock call, and was in the mind-set that PayPal wasn't going to be able to fix it for me either.  (Lifelock was useless)

Brittney told me what she could do for me (disputing the transaction) and then said, let me first check to see if they've begun to release the funds.   She said that they had, and that the release would talk a couple days.  I explained to her my urgent situation, and how frustrated I was that Lifelock stole my money, because they had absolutely no authorization to take it a FULL month later.
She said that because they'd begun releasing it  (I explained that I'd called them and the rep told me that they took it mistakenly, but I'd gotten cut off when my phone died) that she could release it faster for me.  She said that if they did come and try to take it, because there was an auth code, she was putting in some daily checker to alert if it happened, so that it could be disputed then.

I need you to FULLY understand how important that $108.41 is to us right now.  My son is disabled, and has to have certain medications TO KEEP HIM ALIVE.  Not having those prescriptions today could have meant another week, two or even three in the hospital to get him stable.  

By Brittney releasing the funds immediately (they were in my acct before I was off the phone) she has LITERALLY saved my son from another hospital visit, potentially saving my child's life.

No exaggeration, no fuss, Brittney ROCKS.

I even told her, that my husband is in customer service. He manages a floor of 80 collection agents.  We KNOW customer service.  There is training (enough to get the job done) then there is TRAINING -where the CS rep KNOWS her job, what she can and can't do, when to escalate, etc.  She knew exactly what she could do, how to do it (no long holds asking -how, or can I -no holds at all!)
I am HIGHLY impressed at the level of training she's had, the amount she's retained and her level of confidence/expertise on the job.

It's so frustrating, to get a cs rep that doesn't know what they're talking about.  I was LUCKY to get Brittney, and they're LUCKY to have her! 

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  1. Wow, that's amazing! You hear so many horror stories about identity theft & money being taken from accounts, you'd never think to have to worry about it with Lifelock. I'm glad to know!


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