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Monday, July 29, 2013

Keep Your Kids Safe With the Medicine Safe {review and giveaway!)

Disclosure:  I received the following item in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was provided.

The Medicine Safe was created as a way to keep your Medicines safe.  Teens that rummage through your drawers looking for pills, guests that inspect your cabinets in your bathroom, and little children that look through everything.  Each of these situations is a recipe for disaster.  Keeping medicines out of reach, whether it's to keep the medicine or your children safe, is always a worry in every household.
While the government, manufacturers and pharmacies have created and instilled ways to prevent accidental (and intentional!) ingestion by others, IE: childproof medication containers, they are NOT 100%.  My 7yr old can open pretty much any medicine jar you give him, by any pharmacy.  Then there are the non-childproof bottles, that are given out upon request (usually to those that can't open the others) that are even more dangerous.

Using it for your medications is just one way to enjoy the safety and piece of mind it provides.  You can store jewelry, passports, money, documents and many other smaller items inside of it!  It's small enough to hide pretty much anywhere!  Put it inside a reusable grocery store bag, put some folded bags on top of it, and no one's the wiser (unless they read my blog...)

I had my son (who is special needs) sit and open 7 different pill bottles, and he opened each one with ease.  Then I stored them away in the Medicine Safe and locked it, and asked him to try to get into it.  His first reaction was, "Give me the key!" :) Gotta love it!  When I told him he can't have it, he tried every which way, and could not get into it.  Safety!!!

From keeping narcotics out of the hands of teens, to keeping ALL pills out of the hands of anyone, the Medicine Safe is a great tool to keep your family safe.  While it won't fit every pill bottle we have between us, we use it to put the most dangerous ones away...  and am grateful for the comfort it provides, knowing that our children can't get to those pills.

I would recommend the Medicine Safe to any family, regardless of the age of children, that has any medicine in the house, or to ANY person (with or without kids) that simply wants the comfort of knowing their pills (or money, or jewels, or??) is safe.

Medicine Safe

The Medicine Safe stops ALL of that, with one easy step.  It fits most medicine containers, and you can put several in it.  You simply lock it with a key.  You can bolt it to the wall/floor, to keep it from being walked off with, or going missing, and have easy, immediate access to your medications, all the while keeping them safe, and others safe.

Product information:
The Medicine Safe is an attractive, ergonomically designed safe with steel reinforced composite body construction engineered to keep prescriptions and over the counter medications organized and secure. Accommodating prescription bottles of up to 4” tall, the Medicine Safe keeps medicine secure with its patent pending locking mechanism that deploys two steel “double throw” locking bolts.

Sized just right for your medicine cabinet, this locking safe holds up to 7 standard pill bottles (max. 4"H) to keep them organized and safe. You can rest the Medicine Safe on the shelf or mount it to the cabinet using any combination of 6 prepositioned mounting points. Crafted of steel reinforced composite, the Medicine Safe features a durable locking mechanism with 2 steel double-throw locking bolts; 2 barrel keys are included.

Benefits of the Medicine Safe:
The Medicine Safe can be kept in a medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet, or standard drawer
This personal safe is ideal for prescription bottles and over-the-counter medications
The Medicine Safe can also be used to secure jewelry, passports, and other items

What’s Included: Medicine Safe, Mounting Hardware
Dimensions: 12"W x 3-1/2"D x 4-3/4"H
Weight: 3 lbs.
Materials: Steel Reinforced Composite

Do you want to WIN a Medicine Safe for YOURSELF??  That's right, Medicine Safe is offering one to one of my lucky readers!  The giveaway starts today, and ends 8/5 at midnight PST.  To enter, simply comment below, and tell me why you need one!  You can earn an extra entry for doing the following: 
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Simply leave a separate comment telling me that you've liked/followed and leave your Facebook/Twitter name for verification.  I will pick a winner using Random.or with the comment number, so be sure to leave each in a separate comment!!

Now for the legal stuff:  You must be 18 or older to enter.  You must live in the USA/CAN.  Facebook and Twitter are NOT associated with this Giveaway in any way whatsoever.

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