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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heels {review}

Disclosure:  I received the following item in my Influenster Sunkissed Voxbox, for testing purposes.  No other compensation was provided.  This post may be for a brand challenge, in which I post my review in exchange for the POSSIBILITY of winning a 'brand challenge" that may win me products.

Product inforamation:
Dr. Scholl's for Her High Heel InsolesShifts Pressure Off Ball-of-Foot Ultra-Soft Arch Cushion Ideal for Heels 2" & Up Helps prevent foot aches & pains Guaranteed! You Have... High heels, 2" or higher You Want... All-day comfort in your high heel shoes You Need... Dr. Scholl s® For Her High Heel Insoles Helps prevent & reduce foot pain Unique gel arch helps shift the pressure off your ball-of-foot area Guaranteed all-day comfort Slim-fitting design won t make your shoes feel too tight or crowd toes Massaging gel waves Clear gel provides provides discreet cushioning, even in your strappy heels Fits comfortably in all your high heel shoes 2" and up Pumps Sandals Sling-backs Boots The Dr. Scholl s® Guarantee : If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, mail in the original UPC code from the package along with your sales receipt to Schering-Plough

My review:
I don't wear high heels too often, mostly because my feet don't like them... I have lots of pain.  So when I opened my Influenster Sunkissed Voxbox, I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see Dr. Scholl s® For Her High Heel Insoles inside.  My mom recently bought me this beautiful black dress & black pumps for when I want to "play" at the club.  My dad is a saxaphonist and plays at local clubs.  Occasionally, he needs someone to work the door, and collect money.  I'm his go-to gal.  It's great for me, to get out of the house and my comfort zone, but in a 'safe' enviornment...  Plus, I get to look cute and enjoy some great music. 
I had such a night coming up, and really wanted to wear my new dress and heels, but didn't want the pain of wearing them all night.. then I got the VoxBox.  Boy, was it perfect timing!!!

I wore my Dr. Scholl s® For Her High Heel Insoles ALL night long, and didn't have an ounce of pain.  I am SO suprised (not sure why, really...it's Dr. Scholl's!) at how well they worked.

I am headed out shortly to buy some more Dr. Scholl's, this time for my son, who is in need of arch supports for his ankle & knee pain.  With such a positive experience with my high heels insoles, there's no way I'm going with anyone else!!

- Once my phone is charged, I'll post pictures!-

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