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Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's your favorite Tech item?

What can you not live without?  Me, it's my cellphone.  I don't think that I could walk out the door
anymore without it.  Why?

(this photo is from the cnet website)

About 9 years ago, I went to drop my husband off downtown, when he was working security at a nightclub with his brothers.  (I was planning on going home, changing, and then going down to the club, as I did back then pretty often... in my early 20's, when my older son was at his bio dads...)

So that night, I drove my husband's car, a 1994 Mercury Sable, instead of my 2001 Dodge Stratus.  Why?  Because it had more gas lol.

My cellphone, was at home... forgotten.  My husband had his though.
I was wearing one of those shirts that (back then looked cool) was a small square of fabric, that covers your front, while these weird elastic straps go from the front of you, criss-crossed around your back, to your sides.  And shorts.  It was a warm summer night, so I thought, I'm just running downtown.  It was about a 10 minute drive.

About half-way home, on the freeway, my car DIES.  Yes, dies.  It wasn't the battery..it was the alternator.  Dead of night, and my car is dead, on the freeway, I'm freezing, with no cellphone.

So I sit on my trunk, waving my hands, hoping to not catch the attention of a serial killer.
The first person to pull over was a white guy (only pointing out race so you get the full picture) in nurses scrubs.  I think he'd just gotten off work.
I asked him if he had a cellphone, so I could call my mom.  He didn't.  He offered me a ride to the next exit, to use the payphone.  I politely declined his invitation.  I explained that, after watching too many horror flix, I couldn't get in the car with him.  He actually understood.
I asked him, if you don't mind, would you stop and call my mom? tell her I'm stranded on the freeway at the MLK exit.  I gave him my mom's cellphone number, and he drove away.

I sat there, waving my arms...  and a lady pulled over next.  I thought, thank God!!!!  I still wouldn't get in her car, but she did have a cellphone, which she gladly allowed me to use.  I first called my husband, and told him what'd happened.  Then I called my mom.
Guess what?  The nurse-man actually stopped and called her.  She was already on her way!!!   She called AAA for me, and they were on the way too.  I thanked the lady profusely, and she left.

A short while later, the nurse-man CAME BACK to check on me!!!  He said he'd called my mom, and she was on the way.  I thanked him, and he left.  Moments later, a state trooper pulled over (as he should have... I was precariously parked, on the freeway! I told him that my mom and AAA were on the way.  He stayed, but even as I sat there SHIVERING looking in his side window, not ONCE did he let me get in (even in the back!!) to let me get warm.
When my mom pulled over, he left.


While my phone is a "smart-phone" (I have internet, gps, texting, etc) it is  DUMB PHONE!  I can't get online half the time, it's slow and doesn't catch up quickly.  I can push the 'talk' button, to see my previous calls, and it can take up to 30 seconds to respond.  It's horribly annoying, but still...
I'm with Boost, and right now, I pay $40/month for unlimited phone, text and internet.  In 3 months time, it will be 35.  Not bad, even if it's slow.

again, from the cnet site

So, what tech item can you not live without, and why?

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  1. Hi, I'm visiting & following from the GFC Blog Hop!

    I cannot live without my iPhone. It's ridiculous.

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Misfit Librarian


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