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Thursday, April 4, 2013

How do YOU CafePress?

So I have a blogging friend, Rob, who has a great site, Lost and Tired.  He's the dad of 3 autistic boys. I don't know how he does it with 3.

Anyway, recently Rob showed off his new shirt, promoting Autism Awareness that he made for his blog.  He made this shirt on CafePress.  It's a very easy process, and they offer great prices and quality  stuff.

But CafePress is MUCH more than that!  Besides t-shirts, they offer other clothing, kids & baby, accessories, drinkware, wall art, cases, stickers & flair, stationary and MUCH more.

You can pretty much design your own anything.  They offer a FULL range of items you can customize:  T-shrts, hoodies, photos on canvas, mugs, thermos, water bottles, iphone & ipad cases, hats, bags and lots more!  Check out everything you can personalize!

I went and created an account, and uploaded my graphic... You CAN'T tell me this isn't cool!!!

Sandling All Day Tee T-Shirt
I want each of these:
Sandling All Day Tee Throw PillowSandling All Day Tee Tote BagSandling All Day Tee MugSandling All Day Tee Stainless Steel Water BottleSandling All Day Tee Keepsake Box

CafePress also allows you to set up online shops for free where you can design & sell your own creatively designed merchandise.  This is SUPER COOL!!!  I've actually just done it...

Here's a couple pictures to wet your appetite... just hang in there!  I'll be reviewing my very own Sandling All Day customized tee shortly...and one of my wonderful readers will get to win too!!!

2-twiaddict1.jpg Baseball Jersey
You know your addicted to Twilight when...
You wear a twilight shirt?  just kidding... here's the back:

Baseball Jersey

They offer funny t-shirts... here are a few I loved:
Unique Funny T-Shirt
I got your back

Funny, Head Turned, T
You look funny with your head turned like that

Sometimes When I Laugh Tears T-Shirt
Sometimes I laugh so hard that tears run down my leg

They also offer Breast Cancer Awareness shirts (which I think is wonderful!!)
Here's one of my faves:
Cool Breast cancer T-Shirt
Save a life
Grope your wife

Big Brother/Sister shirts
cool shirts too!

CafePress is where the world shops for custom t-shirts and other unique gifts that express people's unique personalities. You'll find millions of one-of-a-kind designs on every topic you can imagine (and some you can't) - from political expressions, funny t shirts & stickers, to all sorts of merchandise with cool personalized designs. Plus find themed gear from major brands such as the Twilight Saga, American Idol, Star Trek, & more. You can also make your own personalized gifts with our easy design tool which allows you the ability to add photos, text, images, to even creating designs or logos from scratch. Our breadth of merchandise you can customize includes high-quality products such as t-shirts, hoodies, posters, bumper stickers, mugs and much more. At CafePress we print each item as it's ordered, and products usually ship within 24 hours.  

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