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Friday, April 26, 2013

My Carpets are Funky!

Disclosure: This is a  

I’m hoping to move within the next couple months, and I took a look around my apartment, to see what sort of things I need to get done. Aside from the obvious, (packing, storage, mass-donating etc) I have to clean my apartment. It’s “supposed” to be back in ‘rentable’ condition after I move out. I’m supposed to do pretty much everything except wash the walls. I’m even required to get the carpets PROFESSIONALLY STEAM CLEANED. Well, I’ve got a 7yr old, and we’ve lived in this apartment for nearly 7 years. (Does anyone know the ‘life’ of a carpet?) My carpets are dirty! Everything from koolaid to food and everything in between. I’ve been doing searches to find ways to clean the messes, and ended up on this site: carpet cleaning I found a lot of very interesting information! For example, they say that different carpets have different fabrics, which means that some carpets required different carpet cleaning depending on what it’s made of.
Were you aware that there are CERTIFIED green carpet cleaners?
I mean, I know about the green movement, but I wasn’t aware that a carpet cleaning company could get certified! It takes a lot to get certified too! From applications, interviews, on-side visits, audits and even a seminar!

I was surprised to learn that Green Choice offers TONS of services beyond coming in to clean your carpets, too!
They also do area rug cleaning, rug repair, water damage, commercial carpets and even clean your upholstery, leather, mattresses and air ducts!
That’s a lot of cleaning!

Right now, you can even get 15% off your carpet, couch, rug & mattress cleaning!
You can find them on Facebook and YouTube too!

My carpets, are funky. It's nice knowing someone can get them back to rentable shape!!


  1. I no nothing about carpet. good luck tho.

    wish i knew what to do with these 2200 pts I've got by coming here. email me and let me know.

  2. Cleaning is very much important as if we keep our area neat and clean then we would be able to keep our health good and remain fit. So we have to promote cleanliness.


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