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Monday, April 8, 2013

Hard Days are NOT meant for me!!

Yesterday was one of the hardest days...  Living with a child with special needs offers some REALLY great moments... and some not so great.

My son is going through this 'hip-hop' stage... he's 7, and LOVES the look!  So when I was at Fred Meyers the other day, I found this gumball machine that has the hip-hop neclaces...you know the ones... long chain, huge pendant.  I had to buy him one.
The problem with these, is the chain breaks easy!  I had intended on making him a chain (I make jewelry) but didn't get around to it.  I gave him the necklace in the car, and before we made it out of the garage, the part that connects the chain so you can wear it was

Yes, gone.  Can you imagine his reaction?  He FREAKED out and BEGGED me to look for it.  Ok... So picture me and him, looking over an apartment's garage... no, not my mom's 2 car garage.  There are about 30 spots in this garage, PLUS driving room.  And our spot is in the corner, kitty-corner from the door.. it was lost SOMEWHERE in there.  It's this big:  xxxxxx  literally. 

So after looking for a while, and then basically BEGGING him to  get in the elevator, I had to get in the elevator and (pretend, of course) threaten to leave him down there.  please note... I NEVER would.  I am NOT one of those parents that lets their child go to the bus by themselves... or anywhere.
I don't even allow him to go around to the next aisle at Fred Meyer by himself.
We have this mantra that I repeat while we're out:

If I can't see you, you can't see me, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.  

You can call me overprotective if you want to... but it WON'T be my child that get's snatched in a store with 3 exits...  After the Teekah Lewis story here in Washington some 12 or so years ago (my younger son was 18months when it broke... It was HEARTBREAKING to everyone in our area...
the mom said she only turned her head for a 'few seconds'  (Honestly, I don't believe that... it had to be more than that, but where she was, she probably NEVER thought it would happen.
I tell my son all the time...you're too cute!  Someone will want to have you for themselves.  I won't allow it.  PEROID.

ok...sorry..getting off the subject...  So I ended up taking a chain I'd had for something else, and modifying it a little, and viola, fixed.  Now he's happy... FINALLY.

Me?  STRESSED to the max...  I don't know how other parents do this... and those that have more than one special needs child...  I bow down to you.

So I ask... do you have a special needs child?  How do you deal with these meltdowns?  How to you decompress afterwards?  

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  1. I can't imagine having a special needs child. And although I'm sure it is challenging some days the Lord placed him in your care for a good reason and I'm sure gives you more than enough grace to love and parent him.

    Thanks for linking up to Mommy Mondays


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