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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bloggers: Get the Flash & Go to review from Silk'n

Hey all.  Everyone I wanted to tell you all about a amazing opportunity you have to win a fabulous prize from the makers of Flash & Go (click here to view the product.)

You now have the opportunity to submit a video and tell the folks at Silk'n why you would be a good candidate to test and possibly win a similar hair removal product.

I know I'll be doing it.  I would love to try one of these.

You must submit a video to enter but I encourage you all to do so. These products are amazing and if you are anything like me and hate to shave or wax you definitely want one.

Your entry must be submitted by May 3, 2013 so you have some time to get your video in.

You can post it on youtube, and then submit it to them. Go ahead! What are you waiting for?

Tell the folks at Silk'n why you feel you would be a great candidate for this product. If you hate shaving tell them "you hate shaving!" If you hate going to the salon to get waxed ever 4-6 weeks then tell them "you hate waxing!" If your hair grows back incredibly fast (like mine) then tell them that as well. 

For more information and contest rules click here.

To submit your video entry click here.

Thank you to Rosey from Rosey The Coupon Coach for sharing this great opportunity with me!


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