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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Are You Moving Soon?


I will be SOOOO excited when I can move out of this apartment.  My neighbor complains about EVERY sound that's heard.  It's 4pm, and she's texting me saying my son is making too much noise... hello..it's 4pm! (a WHOLE 'nother post!)

One of the problems with moving is the stress involved.  You have to find a place, pack, find movers, trust the movers, pay the movers, move, unpack and EVERYTHING in between.  Well I'm pretty much packed (I've been packing for the last year, slowly, with the intent on moving)  and I'm in the process of finding a place right now.

The finding movers, not so easy.  There is a yellow pages FULL of movers here in Seattle... but who to trust?  You can look on yelp and get reviews, ask friends or just close your eyes and point. 

I have one word, one website:

Moveline is a radically new way of moving.  It starts with a simple form one their site.  You make a short video of your homes belongings (use Skype, Facetime or even your phone's camera!), and they do an 'inventory' list for you, so you can decide what gets moved.  You review the list they make, and choose which items the movers will move to the new house.

Then they send you 3-5 GUARANTEED prices from local moving companies, who will pack and move your home with care.  Once you choose, they'll help you book a crew that will SHOW UP, ON TIME with the RIGHT EQUIPMENT and materials for the job.  They will be WELL TRAINED and handle your home with care.  They'll DELIVER your things to your new home in the SAME CONDITION as they left the old.  
And they'll be courteous, professional and easy to work with!

All the while, you'll have a "Move Captain" from Moveline that will help you along the way, with any questions or concerns!  Simply put, a Move Captain's job is to make sure your move is a complete success.  They coordinate the logistics to keep your move from being stressful.  They deal with the details (big and small!) so you can focus on other changes that come with the big move.  Think of it as having a DEDICATED, personal ASSISTANT for the move.   They DON'T work for the moving companies, they're employed by Moveline and they work for YOU.  They're not sales people who work on commission, but rather, they're customer support fanatics who work to see the move through to the end.

But, you ask, how do they know the company is good?
I'm glad you asked... it's because they FULLY vet out the companies they choose to work with. Why? Because it's THEIR name on the line!!

How do they vet the companies?
  1. Verifying compliance with local and federal licensing regulations
  2. Verifying compliance with local and federal insurance regulations
  3. Inspecting their U.S. Department of Transportation safety record
  4. Checking their Better Business Bureau records — all companies must be rated A or higher
  5. Interviewing company management
  6. Contracting company management to adhere to Moveline's policies and customer experience standards
  7. Conducting an onsite inspection of the company's warehouses, equipment, and moving facilities
  8. Observing their crews on Moveline moves
  9. Checking online customer ratings and reviews (including Yelp!, CitySearch, Angie's List)
  10. Scoring their performance based on Moveline customer feedback through interviews and ratings
That's right.. Moveline goes above and beyond to make sure that your move goes as planned, easy, and DONE!

Moveline was founded on a few basic principles:
  • People should know what their move costs upfront
  • Prices should be transparent so people can find ways to save
  • If the job doesn't change, the price shouldn't change
And best of all, IT'S FREE! That's right.. Moveline doesn't charge for their services!

Moveline makes moving very easy, minimizing the stress that you have to deal with, they take it on for you!   

For me, the thought of moving is daunting... not only because I have to do so much, but having a special need child AND trying to do the move... it's overwhelming!  To be able to have such a big part of the moving process (everything!) taken off my plate, and handled by a trustworthy company,  it's such a big relief.

Moveline is making things even easier, with their new App!!

You can check out Moveline on Facebook and Twitter too!

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  1. 4 pm and she's bitching. Tell her to put in some damn headphones or quit being damn nosey and she wont hear shit. Sorry but I hate stupid lame neighbors


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