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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Your Name is on the Terrorist Watch List {review}

Thomas M. Sullivan wrote "So Much Time, So Little Change - a Humorous Collection".  I'm here today, to review it for YOU.

First, let me show you a picture of the cover.  The cover itself will give you a laugh. (it's so cute, I had to show it twice!!!)

Product DetailsSo Much Time, So Little Change

Book Description:

Life is full of strange and awkward events seemingly designed to annoy us. To Thomas Sullivan, these trials and tribulations are actually meant to entertain us. Within these pages you’ll encounter a guy who finds humor in:

•Searching for a cozy, old-school barber in a gentrifying neighborhood, but landing at a frantic corporate salon that smells like a meth lab.

•Running late for a flight, only to find himself on The Terrorist Watch List.

•Watching The Peoples Court with a stranger in the world’s gloomiest bar.

•Surviving condemnation from the hard-working folks at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

•Fixing up a house when he knows nothing about home improvement.

•And much, much more wonderful absurdity.

My Review:

First, if you don't notice, let me point out that the baby gorilla on the front of the cover is FLIPPING THE BIRD.  That's right... look again!!!

The author has a writing style that shows ease...he's obviously comfortable taking us on a literary journey... he wants us to understand what he's saying, and really take us somewhere.
As he writes, I'm reminded of my family!

In one story, he describes being at Home Depot, where there is a woman arguing on the phone with her spouse, while her bored son takes the paint sample cards and, one by one, drops them to the floor.
He quips 'This is the side of the American Dream that the realtors and mortgage people NEVER told you about."

There are SO many funny parts to this book... If I were going to share them all, I'd have to post the whole book...and since I don't have THAT kind of permission... (plus, how would Thomas make money, if I posted the entire book for free!?!?) I'm only going to share a little..
But I have to share this!!!

Sullivan writes:
Hints That He Might Not Be The One
(here are a few)

  • Everyone was dressed in camouflage at his father's wedding
  • He drives a Ferrari, but lives in a tiny apartment.
  • He's unaware that his tattoo is actually misspelled.
  • He raced into your burning house to save your dog, but came out with your PlayStation
  • God told him that white men are meant to rule the entire earth.
  • He seemed really nice on that reality tv show
  • He's related.
In Chapter (wait...there are no chapter numbers...) I could be the one, but no one will tell me  

Thomas Sullivan (for your edification, I looked... there are over 100 listings of "Thomas Sullivan" on whitepages.com.  How many listings are there of YOUR name?

ok...that said... 
Sullivan was at the airport with his wife, and they try to use the kiosk to check in.  His ticket gives a 'see gate agent' type response.
When he reaches the agent, he's told...
"It's not a big deal.  Your name popped up on the Terrorist Watch List, but you're good to go."
I don't know how he didn't totally loose it... I know I would have.
He tells how, when he goes on the internet, to try to find out how to fix this, the FBI's website gives a
'we won't tell you if you are, or aren't' official notice...  
He writes: Eventually I find the Transportatin Security Agency's website, and hit the goldmine.  A webpage materializes that exactly matches my problem.  Getting excited, I search through the text and come upon a beautiful sight, a green button, that says "Click here to file a complaint." When I hit the button, I get:

Classic.  Actually, it's perfect.  I mean, think about it.  If you were a real terrorist and wanted to see if you were on the list, you'd go to this site and file a compaint as if you'd been wrongly stopped at the airport. Then, when you got confirmation that you were indeed on the list, you'd shift tactics and type the name of your friend's infant son, to see if he was on the list.  If the kid didn't show up on the list, you'd load up his pacifier with explosives and send him on his way to the airport.
But the Folks at TSA already know this.  To be safe, but still adhere to various rules, they've created a complaint procedure, but then made sure it doesn't work.
It's a stroke of genius.  These guys are good.  They think of absolutely everything.

I won't share more from this book, because you HAVE to read it.  I don't recommend fully often, but this one, get's my full seal of approval. (not that I have one, but if i did!!!)

You can find the kindle edition on Amazon... The paperback releases March 27th!!!
You can also read my reviews on Amazon and Goodreadshttp://www.goodreads.com/review/show/559657368!

Check out Thomas Sullivan:
Thomas Sullivan Humor- here you can find info about his books... even hear an audio excerpt!!

Here's a full list of his available works on Amazon (and there are alot of them!!!)

So Much Time, So Little Change get's 

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy of this book to provide my HONEST opinion.  There was in no way any agreement to provide a POSITIVE review... simply, honest.  The ONLY agreement was that I would give it my honest opinon, which I have done.  You (or the author, pr agency, publisher or, for that matter, anyone) may not agree with my opinions. That's ok... 
like my husband always says, "opinions are like noses...everyone's got'm"
Got a different opinion? Have you read this book? PLEASE comment, and let me know if you agree, disagree or?


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