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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I know I'm annoying now, but you'll miss me when I'm gone

Tell me... Who does this picture remind you of? (if they had a daughter)

First, let me tell you, my grandma was a grumpy grouch!!!  She complained about everything.
One thing she ALWAYS used to say to my mom was "I know I'm a burden now, but you'll miss me when I'm gone."
Oh boy do I!!!
My grandma passed away some 10 or so years ago (honestly, I don't remember, but I know it was when my husband and I first got together, and we've been together for 11 years...)
I miss her dearly!!!

This is my grandma in her PRIME... maybe 20's or 30's

When I was growing up, my grandma lived with us.  Always.  From the time I was a baby, until the day she passed, she lived with my mom.  It was normal to us.  Most of my cousins barely saw her, except for weddings and stuff, but I was blessed.  I saw her every day.


This is my grandma, in 1998, at my older son's baby shower.  Next to her, is my aunt, Jasmine, who left us just a few months after this.  This was the second to last time I saw her.

I'm writing about her for 2 reasons.  First, her birthday was a few days ago, so she's been on my mind.
Second, I've joined a 'cause hop'.  It's basically posting about a specific cause.  This month, March, is Cancer.

Why my grandma, on a cancer hop?
Well my grandma had breast cancer.  when I was growing up, she wore that special bra, because she'd had a double mastectomy.
I saw her scars once... it scared me.  It made me want to be checked, often when I grew up.  I regularly do self-checks.

Cancer runs in my family.  It's a scary thing to say, but it's true.  I remember having a conversation once with my grandma, and asking about her brothers and sisters...  Her parents were born in Italy, and her aunts/uncles were.  She told me once how pretty much everyone died of some huge lump.  One had a baseball sized lump on his side, one had a lump on her breast... now granted, this was before  "CANCER" was known... this was before you went to the doctor for a lump... you just, well...had it.

Now, we're more concious than ever about the "big C".  There are drives and walks and all types of research.  We are all, as a society, concerned about this.  Of course we are.. people die from it.
And, what's worse, is people die FROM THE MEDICATIONS given to HELP it...
It's like this horrible lose-lose situation... While cancer can go in remission, of course...  too many die from it.

So this post, is dedicated to my grandma.  I miss her like crazy.  Here's a picture of her, I'm sure you'll enjoy.

 photo 86edf39d-2a71-40f6-851a-729ba792c778_zpsddf782e4.jpg


  1. Hey there! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Yay! Check out my blog for the details. www.sugarplumsandlollipops.blogspot.com

  2. Hello
    I'm a new follower from the hop. Great blog. Hope you will visit my blog and follow back by google.

  3. nice post... my mother's mom passed about 2 yrs after my first son was born... he's 22 now... I still remember her Pekingese dogs all over the place, her crosswords/word searches... and of course non-stop smoking before we knew how bad it was for us... I still smoke, but am trying very hard to limit it... my mother and grandmother passed from breathing problems and strokes, the cancer was mostly on my dad's side... he's the only one let on his side now... lived to be the oldest, and he was the youngest... I think now with all the decent medical care and drugs out there, we will live longer.

    thanks for sharing your grandmother with us

  4. I love those pictures of mom and dad too. Nice sentiment around mom's breast cancer and how she accepted it so well. And your right, she was kinda grouchy. Mom always chased happiness but struggled to hold on to it. That would sure make me grouchy. Aunt Christina


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