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Saturday, March 9, 2013

I got nominated for the Liebster Award!!!

First of all... I want to thank Natasha Peter from Epic Mommy Adventures who nominated me for

This is EXTREMELY exciting for me, because I've seen these on blogs, and even seen some UNSCRUPULOUS bloggers who've copied the picture, but OBVIOUSLY have not gotten it legitimently because 1) they don't have a post and 2) it doesn't link to anything!!

While it's taken me a bit to find a picture, here it is!!!

liebster-blog-award rules.jpg
SO the rules for the Liebster Award are this:
1) Post 11 Facts About Yourself
2) Answer 11 Questions Posed by your Nominator
3) Nominate 11 other blogs with UNDER 200 followers and ask them 11 (different) questions.


libster blog award1) I LOVE TO TALK!!!
2) But not about myself
3) I have a mole (beauty mark) on my cheek- kinda like oh what's her name... you know...that celebrity with the mole!!! lol
4) I cuss like a sailor at home.  I've chosen not to cuss on my blog, mostly because I don't think it reflects well, and I'd hate for a company to pass on me because of my choice of words
5) I LOVE reviewing products.  I think it's SO cool to tell people what I think about THEIR product!!!
6) My son get's mad when I get a box, because he thinks it's for him, but it's not.
7) I had my first son 2 months before my 18th birthday
8) Labor is A BREEZE for me.  Yes, be jealous, it's ok...  first kid 30 mins of pushing, second kid, 3 pushes and he was out.
9) I open tabs to keep myself on track.  If I make a list, I forget the list.  If I open something in a tab, I can forget it for a while, but will find it eventually.  It works for me.
10) I currently have 31 tabs open right now.  That includes netflix, aol, influenster, 3 facebook, 2 twitter, a TON of blogs, a few giveaways and a few news stories...  and some random stuff that I have to do.
11) I'm going to have to do a ton of research to find my 11 blogs... lol

12) (a bonus!!) That was ALOT easier than I expected it to be...

The 11 questions that Natasha asked, and my answers...

1) what is your favorite color
---honestly, I don't have a favorite color.. My husband says I look amazing in black, so I wear it for him, often.  I love black, blue, purple, red and green.
2) what blogs do you read most often?  why?
--- I love lostandtired.com, because I can relate.  Rob has 3 autistic children.  While my son is not autistic, he is special needs, and suffers from quite a few of the 'issues' that Rob's kids do.  I also love 1000reasonsI'maBadMom.com because, well, most mom's feel like that sometimes...this gals just has the guts to put it in writing!!
3) who is your all-time favorite celebrity?
---All time?  No clue... I do love Emma Watson, and I really love Charlize Theron. If I was 'into' girls... it would be them!!!
4)  what is the one thing you cannot go without?
---umm... my husband!!!!
5)  what was the make and model of your first car?
---oh gosh... I think my mom gave me her Volvo when I was about 16 or 17...no, it was 17, because I was pregnant, and she wanted us to be able to get around...however, I didn't get my license until after my son was born (18).
6)  how many cars have you purchased in your lifetime?
---wow... I've had QUITE a few cars... lemme think.  Volvo, dodge, crx, elantra, intrepid, police interceptor (yes, you read that right... I owned a police car... lol) caravan, sable x2, stratus, jeep...
I know I'm missing a few...  The Stratus was my favorite. It was the car my husband bought me when we first started dating.  This was in 2002 and it was a 2001, so it was as new as you can get...most of the rest of my cars were at least 10 years old, so having a new car at 22 was SO cool.
7) describe a silly or clumsy moment that happened to you (or someone close to you) recently.
--- don't laugh!!!  I asked my husband how many quarters there were in a football game.  He howled so loud!!!
8) What is your favorite restaurant?  Why?
---Here in Seattle, I'd have to say it's Home Of Good BBQ... because they make THE BEST RIBS!!!
After that, I'd say it's Willie's Taste Of Soul (again, ribs...)  While Willies makes AWESOME ribs, his sauce needs work... but he's started smoking them, so they're not as good as they used to be.  Home o'good is amazing too...but again, the sauce isn't superb...but that's ok, because I don't put sauce on my bbq anyway...
9) where is your ideal vacation spot?
---Honestly, I don't know.  The last time we vacay'd, we actually stay'cayed...  it was at the Camlin in downtown Seattle.   That was fun!!!
10) what would be your advice to a newbie blogger?
---Don't stress!!!  It's all very overwhelming if you let it...  The first thing to do is to have a twitter, facebook & pinterest accounts.  Also Google+ and GFC.  The next thing to do is sign up for alexa (and download toolbar) and (even if you have one post) submit your sitemaps to google and bing.
If you're looking to raise your facebook/twitter, then use the blogger opps to join giveaways.  you'll get your link in the giveaway form in exchange for promoting.  It's a win-win.
Finally, if you're looking to start reviewing, visit as many blogs as you can, and check out who they're working with.  You can usually find 'badges' (buttons etc) on the sidebar of their blog.  Then, visit these places, and join!!!  You can find quite a few on the left side of my blog.
11)  what do you enjoy most about blogging?
---I love the comraderie, the friends I've made are awesome.  I also love being able to review new, upcoming products.  Would you know, that FOR THE FIRST TIME, a company CONTACTED ME!!!    I didn't contact them, put in a request, or anything like that.  They saw my information on a site, and wanted me!!!  It was super exciting.. I'm finally on my way!!!

AND FINALLY... the 11 blogs I'm nominating, AND their 11 questions....


1) Violet's Buds
2) My Second Chances
3) Domestic Randomness
4) The Memory Nest
5) My Life According to Pinterest
6) Our Little Home 98208
7) Sarah Lynns Sweets
8) Chatting Over Chocolate
9) Lemon Tree Dwelling
10) She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs
11) Be Creative Mommy

And your questions....

1) Tell us your name, where you live and if your married/have kids.
2) Tell us what one word comes to mind, when I say "BLOG"
3) What prompted you to start blogging?
4) Why do you blog?
5) How did you choose the name for your blog?
6) What one technology gadget can you NOT live without?
7)What did you want to be when you grew up?
8) Are you doing that now?  if not, what ARE you doing?
9)  Most embarrassing moment EVER?
10) How do you recharge?
11) Whens your birthday?

Now, go ahead, write a post, follow the rules, and feel free to use any of the liebster blog award pictures I've provided...just please, be sure to link them back to me, so people can see where your award came from.  Then, ask the same of the next person.  ;)

Oh...and if you'd like to swap buttons, let me know!!  I'd be happy to!!

I'm aMy liebster award!!!!!


  1. hey there. havent heard from you in what 3 days. its weird. was hoping to talk to you by now about my blog. please get up with me

  2. CONGRATS on your Liebster!! :) Thanks for the nomination! I'm honored! :)

  3. Congrats on your award. I have been nominated over the years, however I am an award free blog. Enjoy your status.

  4. Hi . Thanks so much. Im your new follower.
    Im honored 2 times. Your is 3 so I m happy when I have more time I answer for your questions. Have a great week!
    thanks again

  5. Good morning! I wanted to share a link to a post where I thank you for the nomination: http://chattingoverchocolate.blogspot.com/2013/03/five-loves-on-friday_15.html :)
    ...Have a lovely weekend!!


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