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Friday, January 25, 2013

Cake Truffles by Flaky Baking Co -review

Who doesn't love cake?  It's a fixture in our lives.  From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, we all eat it.  It comes in different shapes and sizes, different flavors and frostings.

Well I got to review a GAME CHANGER!!! 

I'd like to introduce you to Cake Truffles by Flaky Baking Co.

These are delicious cake covered in decadent chocolate.  2 of my favorite things!!!
Sandling All Day Review
Sandling All Day ReviewSandling All Day review

For my review, I recieved one of each of the following flavors:

Chocolate Cherry Cake Truffles:  Rich decadent chocolate cake-filled truffles with sweet maraschino pieces throughout. Covered in smooth dark chocolate.
Vanilla Coconut Cake Truffles: Sweet vanilla cake with coconut flakes mixed throughout coated in smooth white chocolate and topped with a sprinkle of coconut.
White Chocolate Mint Cake Truffles: Delicious moist mint-flavored dark chocolate cake with mint chocolate chunks throughout surrounded in sweet white chocolate.
Vanilla Sprinkle Cake Truffles: Sweet vanilla cake coated in smooth white chocolate and topped with multi-color sprinkles.

All of the flavors were intense and sweet, without being overbearing.
The chocolate cherry had just the right amount of cherry, and I LOVED that at the bottom, the chocolate covering had a nice chunk of chocolate... mmmm.  I love chocolate!!

The chocolate mint had chunks of mint (reminescent of Andes) making it oh-so-sweet!

They were all so decadent!!
My favorite one was the chocolate mint.

The Vanilla Sprinkles was my son's favorite!

Sound good?  I know!!  They offer them by the dozen, and for $15-18!!
Order today with my special code, and you can get FREE shipping!!!!!!  Simply order and use ALLDAY!
They also offer a "Truffle of the Month"

Six decadent cake truffles delivered to you every month! The flavor of the month will vary between brand new flavor combinations and classic favorites. All cake truffles are made fresh!

Benefits of joining the club include deep discounted price per truffle, you'll be the first to try new flavors, and discounts on custom orders!

Cake Truffle of the Month Club is also a great gift!

The 6-pc order ships on (or near) the first of every month. If you join the club after the 5th of the month, your first shipment will arrive the following month.

Price includes all 3-months and shipping & handling.

The Flaky Baking Co has generously offered 1 dozen truffles to one of my lucky fans!  I will start this giveaway the 26th!  You get to pick the flavor!!


The Flaky Baking Co. sent me the 4 truffles I spoke about in exchange for writing this review.  I was under no obligation to provide a positive review (it happened that I did because they were awesome!)


  1. Oh, the White Chocolate Mint Cake Truffles sound like heaven.

  2. They look amazing! Thanks for sharing the video of your son. He's adorable!!

  3. They look great and sound delicious. I would definitely try one!


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