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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Research at its best - UW Medical Center

My son has been a part of a research study since he was about 3 years old.  It's a project whose goal is to find out how children develop self-control skills and brain processes that underlie self-control.   In the beginning, they did things like give them a box and have them identify colors, and do things backwards (if it's blue, put it in the red box.  If it's red, in the blue...  BUT, if it's a square on the card, it goes in the circle box, only if it's blue) stuff like that.  Very confusing stuff for adults, as our brains are, well... old.

One test they gave him when he was young, was a padlocked box with a toy inside, and about 15 keys.  They left him in the room by himself, and was told that he could have the toy inside, but he had to open it.  The catch was, none of the keys opened the box.   They had monitors on him that measured everything from his heart rate to his sweat output.  Eventually they gave him the toy inside, but it was amazing to see him try it, but not get frustrated.

He has continued in this study every couple years, until, well, they're done with him I guess.  So this years study is more of  the same... until today!

Today we went to the UW Medical Center's Research MRI dept.  There, they gave him a MRI while he completed several computer games & tasks, to see how is brain reacted.  He even had the chance to EARN MONEY AND PRIZES during the games.  As anxious as he was, he went in it and completed it amazingly.
The bonus for mom & dad... we received a print out of HIS BRAIN.   It is the most exciting picture of him that we've gotten to date!!

We've always loved coming to this research study.  They're kind, and helpful, and go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure you're comfortable & happy.

So here I am, telling you, to consider doing these research studies out there! You don't have to do the medical ones, where movies have made us believe that experimental pills will make you grow a tail, become invisible or allow you to be mentally superior to everyone else... but there are plenty who's goal is to better our lives, better our information and better humanity.

So now... without further ado... my kid's BRAIN!!!!!!

BTW... We did get paid for the study.  Yes...a bonus.  No, I didn't get paid for this post.  This is NOT a part of it... Just mom, being, well... a blogger.

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