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Friday, July 1, 2016

Benefits of Dentistry Journals

There are many reasons for dental professionals to take advantage of online dentistry journals. Using an online journal can help readers stay current on trends in the profession, learn about dental-associated products and services, network with peers and much more. Online journals such as The Journal of Implant & Advanced Clinical Dentistry (JIACD) are even available free. 


Dentistry is a rapidly evolving field, and it continues to become increasingly specialized. Articles posted in an online dentistry journal are often the best, or even only, place for professionals to learn about specific developments in their areas of expertise. For example, topics covered in recent JIACD articles include mesh ridge augmentation in implant placements, the use of "sticky bone" in implant dentistry and the aesthetics of anterior maxillary implants. 


Online journals allow dental professionals to learn about the precise products that will benefit them. Additionally, when viewing online advertising related to their field, users can click on links, do searches and otherwise use the Internet quickly and easily as a research tool in order to make informed decisions. 


Professionals who read online journals can learn about conferences, seminars and other opportunities to interact with those in their field. Furthermore, some online journals offer opportunities to post comments and develop a professional dialogue over the Internet itself. 

Benefits of Online Journals

Traditional paper journals have been helping dental professionals for a long time, and paperless journals offer even more benefits. For example, many online journals allow users to quickly and easily search through their archives of past issues. Using the Internet allows journal editors to post articles about advances in technology and practice extremely quickly, whereas with paper this can take days or even weeks. 

Online journals offer an excellent platform for readers to make contributions themselves rapidly and without a lot of hassle through articles, editorial advice and in other ways. Publishing online allows journal editors to offer content for less money and often even for free, and while print journals turn into landfill when they have been read, online journals are environmentally friendly. 

In conclusion, using an online journal offers dentistry professionals all the traditional benefits of print journals and more. Online journals are an excellent resource and are good thing for the entire field of dentistry. 

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