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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harlem Globetrotters

We had the awesome chance to see the Harlem Globetrotters live at Seattle's Key Arena this past Sunday.
  While the day started on rocky footing, with my husband falling down the stairs entering the building (note to Key Arena...make it easier for disabled people to enter arena!)  Once we entered, it got better

First, finding our seats was simple. The aisles we're clearly marked and they had people assisting us to find what we were going very quickly.
 At the end of each aisle entrance there's somebody to assist you finding your seats when we explain to them that I was concerned that my husband might fall again she took our tickets to the ticket office and quickly exchanged them for wheelchair seating so that we didn't have to walk down any stairs.
There was a pre-show that showed local talent.  It was very fun to watch but we were excited to see the globetrotters.  The pre-show started with the Globetrotters mascot globie who decided to play musical chairs with some children from the audience at one time I busted out laughing because as usual Globie (mascot) was standing on the last chair so that he wouldn't lose. The little boy wasn't going to stand there and take it,  and he pushed him off the chair that was FUNNY.

The actual show began with the Globetrotters  introducing themselves and all of them standing in the middle performing tricks .
The show itself was quite hilarious.
We indulged in food, although, the prices were nuts.
Four 20oz sodas $16
Bottomless popcorn $6.50 (great, except the 40 people in each line...you'd basically have to get it, and get back in line)
2 Nachos $8
The  generals, the other team, tried to stay serious while one HG actually pulled off a Generals uniform, revealing themselves to be a Globetrotter.

There was a lot to do with the Seahawks, with a lot of crowd interaction.
They even did a football skit, where they brought out Seahawks defensve tackle Jordan Hill.
That was really cool.

  This game was actually the first time in history they said that it went into overtime.  That was cool. We were pretty excited because we learned that the Globetrotters would be signing autographs on court at the end.  Of course, I bought a ball for my son, and the friend he brought with him.  ($50)
At the very moment the game ended, the boys and I went down the stairs because they had cordoned off the area for the autographs.
The first autograph took a while, but I decided to brave the crowds and let them go for another one. I was really surprised at the demeanor of some of the patrons, especially adults.  One woman actually yelled at one of my boys about "cutting" when there was CLEARLY not a line.

We managed to get every autograph in the time allotted, including Jordan Hill.  At one point, my son was actually poking him on the back, trying to get him to turn around.  Hill was VERY nice about it, turned, and signed their balls.

Jordan Hill signing my son's ball.

All in all, it was an amazing experience.

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