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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Have you ever thought about, been interested in, or wanted to do scavenger hunts, but weren't sure where to begin?
I used to LOVE doing them as a child, so I'm very excited to try and to share this great activity with my own kids, and now, so can you, with Urban Quest!

About UrbanQuest:
UrbanQuest is an interactive treasure hunt that you will enjoy doing with your kids! A growing number of families are trying out UrbanQuest and loving the unique experience. You can choose from a variety of Quests, download the clue package online and start the Quest whenever you'd like. Then families use their smarts, resourcefulness, and printed clue packages to explore parts of their city. A series of puzzles have been set-up that families need to solve. Once you have the correct final answer, enter it online to find out the final destination of their Quest: a mystery restaurant where a reservation has already been made for your group. There are lots of interesting factoids along the way so everyone gets to learn something new. Teams can also opt out of the meal portion and just try to beat the 2 hour countdown.
Register at www.UrbanQuest.com
You can get a 20% off Family Fun Scavenger Hunt Code use the Family20off coupon today!  Check it out!!

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