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Monday, May 20, 2013

Learn Your Child the Kidzmet Way

Disclosure:  I was compensated for my honest review.

I had the opportunity to review Parent's Playbook for Learning by Jen Lilienstein and the Kidzmet Assessment tool.

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The first thing I noticed with the book, is that it's geared towards understanding your child. I think this is really important now, considering that there are so many books on how to deal with your kid, teaching your kid and even disciplining your kid, but LEARNING about your child is untapped and unknown.

As a parent of a child who's extraordinary... he's got superpowers (special needs) but is also intellectually ahead by several years, he's difficult to understand sometimes... and that's frustrating for me. I get overwhelmed easily, because I often forget that while he's 7, he's only 4 emotionally.
The first part of the book is identifying your child's personality. There are several descriptions, with you choosing which one sounds more like your child. Depending on which ones you choose will determine how many lists are necessary.
These are the one's that are most like my son. 
Feeling (actually, I think he's half feeling, half sensing)

At this point, I went to the Kidzmet website to do the personality profile tool, and while again, he's Extraverted and Judger, this time he was a Senser.  

Here are the results I got:

L.S.'s Personality Type Profile:

L.S.'s Personal Motto: "Don't worry...be happy!"
  • Extraverts process initial thoughts better by talking them out (thinking aloud), so be sure you allow L.S. to talk through challenging assignments before sending La'Ray into the "solo zone" to complete the task.
  • L.S. enjoys combining work and play, so do your best to mix in learning with fun. For instance, repurpose board games as learning games. To get your creative juices flowing, here's a Candyland template to help you get started - just fill in the form with spelling or vocabulary words or math practice.
  • Perceivers are energized by the pressure of a deadline, so help L.S. prioritize homework by what will take LONGEST first, and what can be done QUICKLY last. Then, work on interim deadlines like, "Your math homework must be done before dinner or there's no X tonight," or "Your language arts homework must be done before you watch any TV tonight."
There is much more information, but I don't want to spoil the fun!

This book has been extremely helpful in understanding my son's needs, strengths and weaknesses and him in general.
I would recommend this book to any parent, but ESPECIALLY parents that have children with superpowers!

The best thing, is the Kidzmet profile tool is free, and so is joining their website.  Once you've finished the profile, you can even send a copy to your child's teacher.  
Find the Parent's Playbook for Learning on Amazon.

Be sure to check Kidzmet out on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Sounds like a great book! My daughter just graduated from college, but I still enjoy reading things like this.


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