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Sunday, April 14, 2013

PLEASE Reconsider #SpringBreak

I picked up my son from school today... and BEGGED the teachers to reconsider Spring Break...

  • Don't they know how much we appreciate and NEED them to have our children during the week day? 
  •  Don't they realize how difficult our children are when they don't have school for a week?
  • Don't they know that I'm likely to go CRAZY?

It's a concensus with the parents that we don't need this extra 'family time'.  While I love spending the weekend with my son, having 9 days is overload...  I mean, really... it's totally stressful, and by the time he goes back to school, I think I've lost half my hair.

(So you know, when I say dad, I'm referring to my step-father Lonnie... while him and my mom never got married, and are LONG since 'apart'.. he's even re-married...he will ALWAYS be my dad.  And he knows it.)

I NOW realize why my mom and dad were even remotely considering moving to Japan, where the children go to school year round.  I thought they were crazy and mean... Now I get it.. I'm ready to petition the school district.. I'd even be willing to take a cut in hours each day!!

Now, you parents that only have children under the age of 5 don't understand, because you spend that much time with your child anyway... Those of you who have special needs children ANY AGE completely understand...  And those of you that have a teenager....  I KNOW I'm speaking to the choir... you TOTALLY get it.


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