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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Julia Dweck's New Book, Where are the Dinos?

Who knew Julia Dweck's newest book, Where are the Dino's? would be a hit?  We all did, of course!!!  While I haven't managed to snag a review copy, I can already tell you that it's awesome!!

How can I be SO sure?  Well first, because Julie Dweck wrote it!!  I mean, really, her imagination is beyond anything I've ever seen in children's books... Did you even read my review on BeeWitched?  I LOVE that book!!!  If I could read & review every one of her books, I would, if ONLY to add them to my son's bookshelf!!!

So run to amazon (don't walk... RUN!!!)  and check it out!!  Then be sure to visit her laundry list of other books on amazon!

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