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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

EZ Sleep Travel Pillow {review}

Recently I was contacted by the makers of the EZ Sleep Travel Pillow, to do a review of their product.  This was SUPER special to me, because as a blogger, you realize the fine line between wanting, and being wanted. For a company to contact you...well, you feel special!

So I agreed to do a review of their pillow, in exchange for an honest review.

About the EZ Sleep Travel Pillow:

No need to put that silly looking "horse collar" around your neck anymore. This pillow is simple, elegant, and effective. Just lean against it and be comfortable. Supports your whole upper body and not just your head. You instantly feel like sleeping. This is a game changer for people who fly and is soon to be the new high standard for airplane travel comfort!

Then there's the privacy. Need a little privacy from the person next to you? Don't want them leaning on your shoulder? Well, here is the answer. Put up the EZ Sleep Travel Pillow and you will have that much needed bit of privacy that you wish you had before.

And If you don’t feel like putting it between you and your neighbor, you can always use it in a forward position, works great there too.

Then when your flight's over, just deflate it, roll it up into an easy to carry bundle or just strap it to the handle of your carry-on, and you’re ready to go.

Works great in a car, truck, train, bus, or even at the beach. This is the best travel pillow ever invented and the only one you will ever need. Nothing else even comes close!

My Review:

The first thing that I noticed, was that it really is easy to use.  You can blow it up simply, and when you're done, it deflates completely, you can roll it up, and it even has these velcro straps that allow you to fold it down to a very small size.  Fits in a backpack, anywhere in your carryon, and honestly, even in a 'normal' size purse.

This pillow is NOT just for travelling on an airline either... Imagine this...putting it in the middle of your backseat...  IMMEDIATE wall between your children!!!  yes... I know it's not what it's for, but I KNOW other mom's out there get where I'm going.
You can use it in a car, for comfort... you know sleeping with your head against the window is NOT comfortable.  Use it on a train or even the greyhound...  it's very versatile.

The ONLY downside I found to it, is that the blow up part (similar to blowing up a beach ball, or any child's inflatable toy) doesn't have that little air-stop flap.  Basically, when you blow air into it, if you don't hold your tounge (or finger) there while stopping to take another breath, your hard blown air can come out.   Aside from that, there really are no downsides to this great pillow.

There are PLENTY of travel pillows on the market... the problem with most is they don't deflate...so you might as well carry around your pillow from  your bed.  That is NOT a problem with the EZ Sleep Travel Pillow.

Interested in getting one for yourself?  EZ Sleep Travel Pillow is giving them away!!  Stay tuned, the giveaway will start shortly!!!

Disclosure:  I received an EZ Sleep Travel Pillow for my honest review.  NO other compensation was provided.  NO agreement was made for anything but a 100% honest review.

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