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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Help Your Child's School or Your Favorite NonProfit by Playing Games Online

That's right... You can earn money for the non-profit of your choice SIMPLY by playing games online.

I know you probably play games on online... probably on facebook!!  Well now, you can play your favorite games, and make money for a non-profit at the same time!

Goodgames.org let's you decide which organization your want to play for, choosing from a list over 109,000 nonprofits and schools, AND YOU CAN ADD ONE YOURSELF!!!

I've signed up, and added my son's school.  It's VERY simple to add one!

Yup, I said it... You can play games FOR YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL, your church, or your own favorite nonprofit.

They offer a WIDE range of online games, including many of your favorites, Mahjongg Dimensions, Klondike Solitaire, Trizzle and many more, and ALL of their games will earn donations.

With over 113 MILLION Americans playing 50 MILLION of hours of online games EACH DAY, Goodgames could raise over 1 BILLION a year for causes!!!!!

Goodsearch, Goodgames' parent company has already donated $10 MILLION to causes NATIONWIDE through 
 supporters’ simple daily actions such as web search, shopping online, dining out and taking surveys.

So take the step, join in the fun, and start earning for your favorite cause!!!


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