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Monday, March 25, 2013

Visit the Phillipines In Pictures... {review}

Randall J. Morris is a lucky man...  He has done something that I only dream of doing... visiting the country where my grandfather, Eddie Ramos, was born and raised... the Phillipines.

Morris takes us on an amazing photographic adventure of his travels through the Phillipines, in his book,

Traveling Asia: The Philippines
From pictures of the beautiful rice paddies (seen from the sky, assumably) to native animals, and even a (HUGE) spider you would NOT want to meet, Morris covers it from every amazing angle.

I love that every picture is so beautiful.  Randall does a great job of making the Phillipines look like the most amazing place on the planet.
There is so many great photos... honestly, if you've never been there, you HAVE to see them... I wish I could share more, but there's just no way to do it without sharing them all...and that just won't work!! 

The only thing I would have loved seeing is a little more about the people...
where the live, how they live.
I'm very interested in seeing the reality of the Phillipines... perhaps the next book.

That said, just because I want more, does NOT mean it wasn't an amazing journey, through his eyes.


Intersted in reading it yourself?  I know you do... my pictures are a teaser...he's got TONS of other pictures in the book!!
You can check it out on Amazon.

I hope that one day Randall Morris goes to Italy... I'm really looking forward to seeing that!
In the meanwhile, be sure to check out him out... you won't be sorry!!!

You can also find his Amazon author page here, and lastly, Goodreads!!

You can find him on his blog, on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. wow I was fine til I saw that spider. Now i'm scared to go to sleep. LOL

    girl what's the thing at the bottom bout points for visiting. when you can get up with me. miss your chats.


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